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Any other thoughts? Thanks.
I've become a big fan of Lush. I'm currently using their Soak and Float shampoo bar: They have stand-alone stores, but at least in Texas can also be found in Macy's. Their products are great, and they are great about giving out samples. If you tell them what you're looking for, they can help you find the right shampoo or conditioner. (As a side note, their shaving creams and their multi-purpose moisturizer...
It probably comes down to practice. Also, is that the last place you shave? If so, you might want to reapply some shaving cream.
Have you tried making any braided leather bracelets?
I'd be worried about leaving fingerprints all over the brush handle and bowl. The razor can be bought alone for around $30. A good brush can be found for $30 to $50. I've never cared for Col. Conk shave soap, and you can get a good soap like Mama Bear's (which I haven't used) or Prorazo (which I have) for $10 or so. Bowls and stands run for $10 to $20 each. Of course, you might not get everything perfectly matched, but you might find that each piece is better quality...
I do like the look, but I just don't know when I'd wear it. I'm actually a little surprised someone hasn't tried to bring that look back.
Even if I thought I could fit in it, I'm not sure where I'd wear it:
I'm not a crawfish fan, but I'll vouch for Ragin Cajun. It's a good place to eat, and the Richmond location is very close to the Galleria, which is someplace you'll probably go.
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