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I understand that sub-$200 Seikos (such as the 5 series) are essentially disposable watches one throws away once they stop functioning, but what about the medium-to-high priced Japanese domestic market Seiko mechanicals? When a watch that costs, say $500, requires service (e.g. movement overhaul), what does the buyer do? Service it locally with a watchmaker, send to Seiko's US service center or send back to Japan?
Quote: Originally Posted by flanker2000fr Another picture of my JLC Grande GMT, this time on a black buffalo with contrasted stitching. Someone in this thread mentioned that he was getting a bit tired of croc / alligator straps. I would highly recommend a good quality buffalo as a sportier alternative. It's a fraction of the cost, extremely sturdy, and looks good too. Where does one buy a strap like this?
I received the same message form TM Lewin after recent orders -- only, instead of a bank transfer, its customer service requested the top page of my credit card statement to verify my address and credit card number. It is very odd -- I have placed many orders online throughout the world and this is the first time a merchant requested such information. Since I use "virtual credit card number" generated through my credit card company websites, I do not think I can...
Where do you folks buy aftermarket straps?
Bourgeois attire for me, but not for thee.
I like my Maui Jims well enough, but I do not find them to be particularly well made. One of the lenses wiggles around the frame a bit if a bit of force is applied. The polarization is excellent, but the shading on my particular model is too bright. Great for driving a covered vehicle, but not so great, say, on a boat on a sunny day. I much prefer Reptile shades.
Thank you for all the suggestions. In a similar vein, what do you guys do when one edge of the tie is folded incorrectly somehow, so that now the tie points on the sides are not even? Do you iron it down at a proper angle to match the other side?
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria This, too, is within the Brown Thread Meme. You are on a roll. - B Now you are trying too hard. Very un-sprezzatura, no? Let me guess, something about "Brown" and "meme" again? Predictable... rather like McDonald's or "Outback Steakhouse" I suppose.
Quote: Originally Posted by gomestar princeton review!! OMG, no way, not the same surveys that have items such as the Yale student newspaper appear in the top-25 worst in the US and then magically in the top-25 best the following year without any apparent publication change!!!! That must be a valid survey!! I'm pretty sure my Ivy alma mater is the worst dressed of the 8 schools. With the ugliest women too. I can't disagree within the...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria A self-deprecating Brown joke seems rather pointless. - B A self-deprecating joke is never pointless -- someone from the Harvard comedy mafia should be able to inform better.
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