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Just picked these two beauties up. (Keep in mind I am a 19 year old student ie. not an unlimited budget) And
Probably one of my favourite beers I have had the pleasure of drinking. Another INCREDIBLE dark beer is old engine oil. (Please try this if you like *beer*)
I am liking that Herringbone coat.
Seems kind of SS to me. So the final price for the nudies is 165? And what about shipping to Canada (if it is too big a problem I can have them shipped to family in the US) Apparently I can't read. My apologies lol.
This is really interesting to see the amount of thin "well dressed" are. I am 6'0 180, by no means a rail as some of you are.
Report it to the phone company.
I am 19 (turned this summer) going to school at Brock University in Ontario (Canada) I am in my second year. I too joined here to find out that about 0% of my clothes fit properly. My favourite pieces of clothing are probably my socks and underwear right now however a close second are my: J Crew lambs wool sweater Design By Humans Shirts Lucky Brand Sweatshirt LL Bean Jeans - I am looking to replace/add in another jean to the rotation. Oh and I cant forget, I include this...
I have invites to demonoid and another website that briancl mentioned but one of the rules is to not publicly offer them, Brian what websites were you a part of previously? PM me and I will send you can invite.
Are there any places to buy APC (legit) in buffalo? I am from toronto but I don't want to pay retail + I go to school really close to buffalo. Sizing wise what would you guys recommend (is there a thread somewhere maybe?) this is my first pair of quality* denim. Sorry about the hijacking and enjoy your time in toronto!
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