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If I buy these jeans from revolve will they ship like that? With the prefading? http://ns1.revolveclothing.com/image...DI-MJ85_V1.jpg
Wow I really like that gym master.
Thanks lel, I would say I don't usually need to wear dress shoes (I would rather not walk through all the snow and slush to get to class and have them get messed up. The 1000$ price range was just so that it didn't go insane on basics I have not actualy set aside a number which I will spend on clothes. For basics, would you guys recommend american apparel, or alternative apparel? I would like a slim straight look, but I want to avoid button fly jeans as they are not my...
Ooo this is just what I need.
PM the member and talk to him about it first.
I have sneakers, 2 pair running shoes and birks, I have been looking to possibly get a pair of Redwing GT's in Cherry. Would this count as a 'dress' boot? I have a pair of Florsheims for dressier events. My current style is pretty bland/oversized clothing. I havent purchased much lately ie. years and when I was younger I would buy stuff so I could grow into it, well turns out I am not going to grow that much more. I am in Toronto so lots of snow, low/med rain and maybe to...
Whodini thanks for your response, I live in Toronto so it does get a tad chilly. I will look at all of your recommendations in the next little while. Again thanks a bunch.
Ok, its the start of the second quarter, you have 1000$ to buy an entire wardrobe for a second year university student. All he owns are shoes, socks and underwear, and a jack spade messenger bag. What do you buy? Where do you buy it, what should I budget this fund on? Spend 400$ on jeans then spend more on the basics (remember I only have shoes, socks and underwear). Help me styleforum, help me acheive an aura of style. Edit: I don't need a winter coat but I wouldn't mind...
Lost in VA, what jeans are those?
Quote: Originally Posted by The Wayfarer Fifteen years old, girlfriend's parents bed, while my mom was unknowingly waiting outside in the car. Good thing she didn't have to wait long. ZIIIING, oh and my room on new years (anybody else?)
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