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Shipping price for the NS's to Canada?
What kind/ colour stains on the shawls? Edit: are the shawls xxs? I just noticed that I am way to big for them if that is the case... damn.
Interested in the second peice, shipping to Canada?
How many times have you worn the W+W peice?
Have you done business with anyone else on this forum? (just wondering)
Zomg, I like that peacoat slappy!
Quick question, black + apc ns in indigo? Yay or nay? Or black cherry for that matter.
Quick question, APC New Standard and a pair of Redwing GT's in either colour, yay/nay (will it even fit with the tapering on the NS?).
Where/when was this in Toronto?
A couple quick questions, what size should I get for the journals, what sizes do you have (Asking generally, is it like all obscure sizes or a good mix?) and do you ship to Canada? If its a problem I have family in the states to pick it up. Edit: More pics of ties?
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