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3 today.
Quote: Originally Posted by cancel.sing The Bay/Bloor, Eaton Centre and Yorkdale locations all carry the full line of denim, including the rigid selvage and soft one-wash non-selvage. Also, IMO I would size down. The denim runs large in my experience, depending on the fit/denim. And a lot of it stretches. Hope this has not been asked yet but how much are they?
Do most people get the NS's hemmed? (Is this standard operating procedure, or what do you guys do?)
Can I get an actual waist measurement? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by UserNameToronto Terminal Barber Shop on Bay, just north of Dundas. $20 tip in, it's sooo oldschool. Highly recommend. Second time I have heard that recommendation, I think I might take a look in the next little while.
I am thinking about getting a pair of APC NS's and I was wondering what size I should get, I wear a 33 in a pair of levis I am wearing now. The waist is at 17-17.5 now, and they are a little (about an inch total bigger than I would like) What size do you think I should get the APC's in? Also where would be the cheapest place to get them either local in Toronto, or online (I have a place in the states I can get it shipped to). Thanks a lot.
Allergies to perfume is a small percentage? I would say if you shower in the stuff most people are going to sneeze. (Note: I have always leaned towards helping people to quit smoking)
I am 6'0 185, I want to lose weight and gain some muscle. First I would like to really cut though. Do you have any advice for me?
Also Dr. Bronners Peppermint liquid.
Ship from CA?
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