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$550 shipped (lower 48). New in box with bags and lasted trees. Measurements on request. Includes shipping and the PP fee. Firm price. These have the JM sole with inlay metal toe tap. Note: subject to prior sale / bidding.
**SALE PENDING** We all know the wait for custom Alden shell boots these days. This is a rare opportunity to pick up a pair with no wait, and an iconic, perfected configuration that will never go out of style: Shell #8 Cap Toe Speed Hooks Leather sole 10E (Wide) Grant Last Note: soles marked as "seconds" but I cannot find any evidence of issues. $595 firm, plus shipping. PP Fee included. Buy here at the SF discount or pay more on eBay.
These are on the Grant last.
I migrated from a fridge to a built in room last year. It was a significant investment (properly done) but worth it, IMO. So, to answer the question: Fridge, definitely yes. I've been buying and holding wine way too long to gamble with anything less than impeccable storage. It has dramatically changed my opinion on the longevity of certain wines. Stable storage environment (whether natural conditions where you live, a wine unit, a wine room, or offsite storage, is an...
It's good to know what you like, and to enjoy it. Given this penchant, I'd also encourage you to try drinking cafe con leche with cigars. For vintage cigars I usually stay away from coffee (green tea, sparkling water, or champagne pair well), but with more robust cigars, rum, whiskey, and coffee are tried and true.
Did a tasting at Odette and at Hobel with Cameron and his wife (the Hobels) a couple weeks ago. Odette has some good wines, but pricey. The 2012 Cade Howell Mountain is excellent The Adaptation wines are solid for their price point (Napa considered) The Estate Plumpjack was great but tasting it now is reading the tea leaves for future potential (long term) The 2012 Odette Estate is excellent (they were not pouring the perfectly-scored - Parker 100 - 2012 Odette Estate...
Smoked a 2002 Boliver GC on Saturday. Good cigar at the outset that became a great cigar half way through -- goes to show the benfit of patience with larger cigars in general and particularly with aged Habanos. Adding to the enjoyment was the last of a bottle of Glenfiddich 21 Gran Reserva Cuban Rum Cask Finished scotch and then Havana Club Barrel Proof rum.
Love these trees but I'm right in between a L and XL, so I'm going to let a couple pair of the XL go. $45 shipped for both pairs (lower 48). Includes Priority mail delivery in a medium flat rate box. This means the original Woodlore boxes will not be shipped with the trees.
Nice bag.
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