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Man, "shoe porn" really is an appropriate term. Why is it that when I see some of these my heart starts racing and the endorphins start to kick in and my brain enters into an altered state of admiration and envy....
Quote: Originally Posted by MilanoStyle Well .. I don't like Chuckka's .. but if I had to buy one .. this may be it. http://cgi.ebay.com/NIB-Sutor-Mantel...QQcmdZViewItem Man I like these shoes. Glad they weren't my size, I would have had to bid....
These wouldn't fit me but I like the Varvatos Purcell's. Where did you pick these up?
Very cool jacket.
Nice purchases all!
I would recommend going out on a limb here and not getting a house style suit in a less expensive fabric. If you go traditional, I'd pick a high end fabric -- making it "special" enough to feel good about paying the $ for a custom job. If you go stylish, consider one of the less expensive fabrics (such as the fabric on special) -- you can wear it frequently and if (when) it goes out of style or "gets tired" you won't be wed to a super-expensive fabric.
Quote: Originally Posted by TKDKid [i]s this a good deal? Like all deals it would be better were they lower priced. I don't follow Yoox deals, so don't know if their prices go down over time until they sell out of an item or if they stick to their guns. If their prices go down over time I'd wait. FAMs range in price from about $800 to the mid-$1000s. Anyone care to venture a guess as to how much these are new?
Kettle chips (salt and fresh ground pepper). A dangerous proposition indeed if one of those bags is around whilst I'm in "a state."
I'm sure it's possible to serve "tacky nuts" at a party --perhaps cheep 'beer nuts' at a high end affair, or peanuts in the shell with no receptacle for the shucked shells. However, setting out the classics is always acceptable, and in my book a wonderful idea. A few roasted and salted cashews to accompany a whiskey or cocktail is a perenial favorite. As others have pointed out, if you want to "take it up a notch" you can "dress up" your nuts by doing a little...
I have had them in different towns and places (years ago), though the attraction of a strip club is different from that of the attraction of a lap dance. I typically prefer to pass on the dance and observe them from afar. Indeed, if you're lucky enough to be sitting next to a high roller, you may get most of the benefit of a lap dance (i.e. observation from not very afar and close proximity of said objects of giggling desire) without laying down the big $. IMO...
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