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If you visit Jantzen personally they'll take care of your order ASAP. I had 8 shirts done in a week, with the "model" shirt done with 1 or 2 days turn around. I told them this was required to place the order for the remainder. We tweeked the model shirt and they all turned out great.
Nice job. Really top class. You have the frame to pull off the suit and it was a bold move and the results are a great success. Good comments have been made here already about the trousers, but if you like the way they look now, keep them with a bit of flair and when they start to look dated, have them adjusted. I will make a point of posting pictures of the Chan I had made two weeks ago as soon as I have it pressed.
This is most unfortunate. I'm sorry to learn of this. Good points have been made about the impact of dissemination of information. However, I am less certain the problem here lies with the propagation of this information than it does with the reaction of EG to the information. I personally believe that a business should honor the commitments of its agents. If EG elected to stop doing business with PLal I believe they should have done so after completing this...
Tacos or In-n-Out burgers.
Not sure where you're located but check out K & L wines online -- their recommendations and top sellers are typically all excellent. Wine recommendations are often only as good as your ability to pick them up and many of the great bargains out there are often by smaller producers or in wines that may not be widely available. If you're near a Whole Foods market, they have a Kermit Lynch labeled Cotes du Rhone from 2004 that's a great inexpensive bottle -- at $10...
What do you guys think of the Darlton non-wing oxford in cordovan?
Excellent point. Pattern matching should be a given on a suit of this price and purported quality.
Nioxin is great -- not just for thinning hair either. Try the shampoo and conditioner both. Not inexpensive, but worth it IMO.
Re: the Macs -- is there more than one brown finish available? Are they available in an antiqued and non-antiqued finish? Dark Oak Calf and Black are all I see online.
Went to the Palo Alto store tonight -- no shoes in my size that I wanted but it was good to confirm sizing. Don't need anything else I wanted, but there were some nice PL linen trousers tagged for the same -- $245 or $295, less 40% less 15% = $125 -$150 plus tax.
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