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Several years ago I was on a flight that landed under the watchful eye of many emergency vehicles -- though for different reasons ... the plane had lost one of its two engines. I was surprised and thankful to learn that a plane can indeed be safely landed with a single engine. On that flight too the nervousness in the voices of the pilot (usually ever-calm) and flight staff could be heard. Similarly, an eerie silence overtook the plane as we prepared to...
I like these -- very cool shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Morris RLPL Mackay / EG captoes (dark oak) came today. Sublime. My order is ... still "Submitted and Processing."
Quote: Originally Posted by jml90 I don't know why D2K is getting so much slack for this. I believe you mean "flack."
Back in January I ordered EGs from Asprey in NYC on sale. They could not provide me with an exact description, but referenced shoes that were online as a "near identical" pair. I asked for the differences to be described to me in detail. They sounded satisfactory and so I placed the order. The pair that arrived were materially different from the ones on the web site, and from the description, and did not work out for me. I promptly returned them with a letter dated...
Again this reverts to the question of what D2K is out to do -- if his goal is to refine his style to something that is seen by all to be classic and to emanate taste, he may need to defer (to some degree) to age and circumstance appropriate behavior. If, on the other hand, he's out to refine his own unique style, he can do so knowing that it may sometimes go against the grain of age or circumstance. The advice above about the potential negative reaction some may...
Quote: Originally Posted by dah328 bespoke cowboy boots and a good way of getting the shoe to mold to one's foot. I have bespoke cowboy boots (water buffalo) and can attest to their supreme comfort in a shoe that usually isn't that pleasant to wear for long periods.
Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris Oh, and would somebody PLEASE buy these? http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...tem=7746009252 Stunning shoes, super rare, and 65% off retail. Believe it or not, I've had them up for sale for over 6 months.... I own this shoe in shell cordovan. I wear it frequently and love it. The Santoni FAMs are a personal favorite of mine, though the shape and style of this shoe is a bit against the current...
The Alden website recounts their recommendations for Cordovan care here. As others have noted: wax polish, don't use much. They added the following note -- don't polish the shoes when wet and avoid neutral polish. This would tend to discourage allowing a "brushman" at the airport to do shine your Cordovans.
Quote: Originally Posted by Baby Chickpea Use a thick cloth to buffer the heat. If you must, this is essential.
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