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Re: the Macs -- is there more than one brown finish available? Are they available in an antiqued and non-antiqued finish? Dark Oak Calf and Black are all I see online.
Went to the Palo Alto store tonight -- no shoes in my size that I wanted but it was good to confirm sizing. Don't need anything else I wanted, but there were some nice PL linen trousers tagged for the same -- $245 or $295, less 40% less 15% = $125 -$150 plus tax.
Quote: Originally Posted by CaptChaos I have the Purple Label Mackays as well as the Darltons in plain toe and wing tip. I have found that all three run true to size and have the same size in all three. When you say true to size do you mean true to the size in the shoe? This would imply that English sizing comports to American which is rarely the case....
Quote: Originally Posted by new obsession Thanks, I feel better prepared already. However, if the pricing structure rings true, Jantzen might be the better choice. I want something that fits, looks better than most American OTR stuff, and is inexpensive... I have been taking small steps to get to the point of bespoke, and this is the next one in the line. Yep -- Jantzen may be the one for you.
Just went to both Chan and Jantzen two weeks ago -- got a Chan suit and several Jantzen shirts. The turn around at both places was very reasonable, but with Chan I opted for three fittings over the course of one full week. I didn't ask about Jantzen suits, but they are quite different operations, IMO. Jantzen is crowded and a bit rushed. If you go for a suit, be insistent that you get the time you need for proper measurements and to spec it out to your...
Great deal on a classic suit that will never go out of style and that is currently comming back in to high style.
Great looking cap toes. Great find and thanks for sharing them with SF.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnnynorman That is a RIDICULOUS selling price. A used Polo selling for $300? I mean, it was a really cool suit, but . . . . Maybe its uniqueness upped the bidding. I disagree -- the suit was listed in "as new" condition. It's an ivory piece, and looking at the photos, especially where the pant and jacket cuffs are shown, it does indeed appear altered but unworn. I've seen used Oxxfords in rather tired...
Those wholecuts look like they were sculpted from a block of wood fit for the dash of a lux ride.
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy The Lorenzini RLPL shirts are killer and there has been an avalanche of them lately. I've been getting them NWT for as little as $39.99. EBay Nice catch. Too little time to surf eBay these days -- saving money never hurt so much!
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