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Any collective comments on the style notations thus far?
How do A-Man's prices compare with Chan's? If the price was right I'd do a vest at Jantzen, but I'm saving my suiting for that "other" league.
Who else has that Barba collar roll ... I love that look. Can I get this same roll in a Jantzen?
Quote: Originally Posted by whoopee May I ask who made those trousers? Flusser? Which reminds me, also consider if you would like the trousers lined. Spano. Yes, I'd like them lined, but not sure how far down.
Here are some inspirational pictures ... this isn't in line with what I'm thinking of for this suit, but it's some very nice custom work on trousers.
Quote: Originally Posted by whoopee Oh, a couple other things. Lining (and if you like a different sleeve lining) Normal waist, side tabs, brace back Rise (low, medium, high) Lining (and if you like a different sleeve lining) - something personal but with style and taste - not sure yet Normal waist, side tabs, brace back - normal for the more modern suit I'm considering, though I like side tabs. Rise (low, medium, high) - in a more...
Quote: Originally Posted by whoopee If you do go with three buttons, stay away from the peak. They almost always end up looking abbreviated, disallowed from flourishing in dramatic glory (think a nice morning coat). Straight pockets is a good idea for you first suit. Do you have a fabric design and weight in mind>? Good points. In suiting tend to favor midweight fabrics -- mostly for trouser wear (I generally feel more comfortable in a...
Topper on this great post.
Additional thoughts: Peak or notch - tough one. I like peak but with a 3 button (possibly rolled to two) I may go notch ... but peak would be a nod to custom tailoring SB or DB - SB for now. I have four DB suits. Buttons (SB) - 1, 2, 3 - and how it should roll - Probably 3 rolled to 2 but rolled so I can button to three if I wish Buttons (DB) - 6x2, 6x1, 4x1 - N/A Waist suppression - yes please, I'd like this to look tailored and not boxy. Lean or swelled chest -...
I will plan to visit Janzen twice. Once to have a couple shirts made, then to try them out and make sure they are right and then to order more. I have e-mailed Chan re: an appointment. Probably going to go for a suit and sell some of the OTRs that I have.
New Posts  All Forums: