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In general, I find CT shirts to be quite large. I've even had some taken in. I think their fitted line may be the way to go. However, I'd be careful when buying a size down. I did this with a CT shirt once and I've still got it in my closet -- basically unworn. I'd have to check the size to be sure but it's either 1" or 1.5" down from my typical neck size and while the body fits well, the shoulders are tight. I'd check this measurement first to be sure and then build...
Excellent find. I was on a lengthly quest for pebble grains and finally found a nice pair of Ferragamo cap toes. I paid handsomely for them but there are times (moods/outfits) when only a particular shoe will do. I agree these would look fantastic with jeans.
Picked up the black derbies (I've been looking for a black semi-wholecut) and the suede Chukka boots -- a classic that I don't already own. I like the chestnut derbies but have too many tan shoes at present. Let's hope the sizing works out -- I translated one size down from my D with AE shoe size. And to think I'm trying to get rid of other shoes right now ... I should *not* have read this thread....
When I went to the check out the shoe price dropped again to $135.
Tempted to order two pair (even though they're at $100 ea now for some reason) -- can't decide between a pair ea. of the Calf Derby shoes in chestnut and black, or one pair of the derby and one suede Chukka boot....
Hmmmm ... items in my basket went from $135 to $158!
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad CT customer service on the "G" fitting: "After checking this out I can confirm that a G fitting is a 1/4" bigger than a EE fitting, it's the equivalent to a EEE USA fitting." Thanks.
How wide does the G fitting run? I wear a 10E in AE or a 10.5D. I plan to order 9 "G" in CT boots unless this is more like an EE width, in which case I'll go with the 9.5 "standard."
Do Jantzen. Go in on Sunday, get measured for *one* shirt. Make sure they can do a 1-day turn around. Go in on Monday, check the fitting, tweek (if needed) and order your remaining shirts for Wed. pick up. I had 8 shirts made when I was there and they accomodated my scheduile. I had more time than you but believe they should be able to do this for you. I would phone or e-mail in advance to get a commitment to this. Plan to go when they open in the a.m.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I'll take the 2 linen You fast movers are too much for me -- that's exactly like a shirt I have and would have been a stunning square to match with it. Nice catch!
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