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I very nearly ordered these, but instead went for the Holland boot - a bit more character but a bit harder to match.
Gents, in the FWIW category, I did not (and could not -- they were not available) repurchase these shoes with the current additional 15% discount. To my knowledge this size has not been available with any additional discount above the current sale price since last year.
I purchased a pair of Cordovan Darlton Polo Wingtips in 10.5D this year. They run a bit large for me (I should have gone with the 10) and I didn't figure this out until after the exchange period passed. These are currently on sale for the same price at which I purchased them: $417 (+S/H and tax). They normally run $600. I have my receipt and the box can include it with the shoes. They are new and 'unworn' (except to try on -- they have very slight sole markings...
Here here! I too give Ed the official Style Forum thumbs up!
Quote: Originally Posted by thinman I couldn't see me wearing it, but I could picture *someone* wearing it. I could see me wearing it ... and then getting the &$%^#$ beaten out of me, and left face down (and jacketless) in the gutter. I'll take the $5K toward a watch please. It is unique -- ostritch is expensive. A jacket? Who would have guessed?
I have this same shoe in a black monkstrap. The construction is fantastic and it receives many complements.
Dos and don'ts are subject to personal style ... some 'exceptions' to the rules will never work, but others work well for individuals. I, for one, have worn FC shirts without a jacket for years. This means, of course, I also wear them without ties. That makes sense, considering I was wearing FC shirts with jeans in my 20s when this was unheard of. Was this a "don't"? Perhaps. Nonetheless, my point is that within the confines of my personal style these fashion...
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker - No watches worn outside the cuff Unless you are Salvatore Parisi in which case you can wear your watch on top of your cuff...
Great looking shoe ... but now that I have seen the U Last VASS monkstrap....
Wow. Great thread. The Levenger is at a great price, has clean lines, and is very classic. That said, I also really like the looks of this one: http://www.customhide.com/scholar_laptop.html It's padded for laptop carying and would make a great replacement for my two-compartment bag that I find a bit small. I like the embossing as well. Time to sell some goods to buy a bag!
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