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No offense but aren't these repeated sales pitches a bit out of step with the intention of the forum?
Suggestions for fabrics? This is going to be a solid suit (non-striped), but with some kind of a pattern that gives it depth. Either in the grays or dark blues.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vintage Gent I'll leave comments on the rest of the items to others, but I want to offer a word of advice on cuff width. Unless you're a particularly short gentleman, I'd recommend you opt for a wider cuff, an inch and three quarters, perhaps. Good point. I used to go 1.75 on all my trousers and I like this look. I'll return. I'm 5'10" and an good fit for an OTR 40R in most makers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Spencer Young I received the Incotex pants today, very nice and excellent fit. One question - what is the little loop found on the top of the fly? It'd be hidden by a belt, but I'm curious as to its function. Thanks again for the great pants! This is typical for Incotex -- a house style. Not sure of the purpose for the loop.
I'm leaving in a few days for HK and have scheduled an appointment with WW Chan for my first bespoke suit. Here are the specs I've put together -- any comments or feedback are appreciated. Overall what I'm looking for is something that's confident and assertive, while still showing tasteful restraint. I want the suit to excude confidence and assurance, but remain in style long term. Jacket- Lapel width - undecided - Gorge height - undecided, but slightly...
Quote: Originally Posted by faustian bargain i don't know what life is like for people like that. they're on a different planet. Same planet ... different world. I love the Concours -- I got most every year.
Quote: Originally Posted by seok what's the diff w/2 the two items? interesting that it's got a $30 diff. The less expensive pair has a "dent" in the toe (per the description) of the right boot.
A little poem for those (like me) with shoe envy ... I wish I may I wish I might that Aportnoy's feet would grow tonight -- Just two sizes is all I ask ... and with this feet would grow the lasts on all his shoes, so when he wakes they'd be my size and I could take him up when he occasionally sells a magnificent pair o' cordovan shells, or perhaps Lobbs ... or Mantellassis -- I wouldn't be too picky or bossy I just insist on one small thing That his feet...
I'm ISO a *really* good tailor in the San Francisco Bay Area. You know, someone who you can take a Kiton jacket to and feel at ease? Someone who knows how to do functional buttons on a sleeve well. Etc. Any recommendations?
Any collective comments on the style notations thus far?
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