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Tonight was a Double Jack (Firestone, not Daniels) night. The large bottles (1 pint, 6 oz) @ 9.5% makes relaxing a must have not a nice to have. Last night I made my first Jack Rose, having recently picked up some BIB Applejack. I enjoyed it. To add a touch of complexity I added a trace (3 drops) of Jerry Thomas Bitters, and used Small Hands Foods Grenedine. Despite the solid ingredients, I still feel the drink lacks some complexity and intend to tinker with it for my...
Had a Molly Dooker 2006 Carnival of Love this weekend. Lots of forward fruit, the heat had died down, very lively on the front palate and complex as Ausie wines (well, not P.G., but most Ausie wines) go. Lots of time left on this one. No rush here, this bottle was rewarding but still flet premature.
Off to a wedding this weekned, will bring something special to smoke, and cross my fingers that there's a place to do so.
Bump for these iconic special edition boots.
Think I'll pull something special this weekend. May just be an aged Esplendido if I'm up for a longer smoke, or a custom roll. I have some from many of the epic rollers (Yolanda, La China, Enrique Mons, Santos, etc.) and I think I'll sift through the stash to find something that smells and feels at a peak. Speaking of custom rolled cigars, I could not take any photos (house rules) but I had a Taboada Dom Perignon at the Bohemian Club in San Francisco last month. ...
I'm at the office - drinking my "desk drawer whiskey" (which is currently a Four Roses single barrel, OESF, clocking gin at 52.7%). Straight, out of a porcelain espresso cup. Nice notes of winter spice and rye on the front, leveling out to a creamy finish. A little heat in the mid-palate. Not the most balanced of the Four Roses barrels I've had, but for a 2 a.m. pour at work, I'm not complaining.
Had this recently with some Prime ribeye. 2000 Chanticleer Cabernet -- a small Yountville estate producer. Know the owner, he's a good guy. Small production. Purchased directly from the winery on release. Drinking beautifully now, very well integrated, soft, easy drinking, but not for lack of character and depth -- just fully integrated and nicely mature. Has years to go but it's drinking great now. Mostly cabernet with a small percentage of Sangiovese.
Araujo is great -- I had a bottle with a time-defying finish that was perceptible for about 2.5 minutes and make me think I could perceive it for 5. I'm sure the Vox clan would point to research suggesting this is just happening because I know I'm drinking Araujo, but I say that they can make wine that keeps on singing.
Thank you sir - and yes, someone should buy these!
The elegant and timeliness F-Last. Post updated.
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