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NIB, C&J Lingfileds in Tan. 10.5 U.S. (per Barney's sizing). C&J 348 last. Very elegant. Takes chelseas to a new level. Comes with box, bags and new Woodlore shoe trees Minor top crease on the toe of one shoe, perfect soles, unworn. $SOLD
Good thing unhemmed pants aren't in fashion, otherwise I'd have a few sleepless nights thinking about this one.
Looking for input on this. Other threads had thin responses so I'd like more input. Please provide feedback on comparable to the 341 last as well as any other common shoes (Allen Edmonds, etc.). Thanks in advance.
It's possible that some of what I've smoked are, in fact, from a bygone era, but the problems you cite generally are not ones I've faced. I won't go into more detail than that, but sufficie it to say I'm referring to customs not 'customs.' I'm not talking about cigars purchased as "customs" from second hand dealers or resellers.FYI: Monsdales refers to a unqiue size originally rolled only by Enrique Mons; however, it is my understanding that Jorge rolled most Monsdales...
Great feedback. Interesting I was also surprised by a '99 Ch. Spleen I had recently. Far from a New World wine, and it far exceeded my expectations of the vintage (Ch√Ęteau Chasse Spleen is about 13 KM south of Pichon Lalande); it would not be to everyone's liking but I was pleasantly surprised.
Share your thoughts. I have smoked a *lot* of customs, from pretty much all the master rollers, including some that are no longer with us. If you smoke anything by a particular roller, LMK what and who. These can be (but are not necessarily and definately are not always) *incredible* cigars. A few months ago I had a Toboada Dom Perignion. Amazing.
I like the initiative and would like to hear how it turns out. I'd be tempted to replicate that myself, but would probably do it with a half bottle of BIB Rittenhouse or another higher proof, reasonably priced bourbon. I think the Granny Smith apples are the gamble here.After you strain it out you should bake the ingredients into a small gallet. That's worth the experiment itself.
A little off the cuff mixology -- 3/4 of a small lemon (I "always" measure ... but I guess not always -- probably 1 oz), about 1/2 oz each of Hendricks and Juniperio gins, about 1 oz of Charbay Meyer Lemon vodka (I don't use much vodka ever, but here it seemed appropriate), and about 1.5 oz of POM, plus a splash (.5 oz) of lemon club soda (Crystal Geyser sparkling water). The proportions made for a drink that was a too soft, but the flavor mix provided something of...
Oi Ocha Japanese green tea right now. Tonight ... good things await. Did a little experimentation last night without the intention of measurement or replication (hence the lack of strict proportions). - Muddled a handful of fresh mint with a little double strength simple syrup some Scrappy's Orange bitters and a splash of Hors d'Age Saint James rum (about .25 oz) - Added a couple measures of Sazarac rye (1.5 - 2 oz) - Topped with a splash of Calvados (getting into...
In general this is why I like and buy Stone beers.
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