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I plan to use the Oppo in connection with a MacMini set up and external drives. Will post more details later.
I recently ordered my new CDP, which should also function as a DAC for a computer based system that I'll (finally ... one of these days) set up. Incidentally, it's also my DVD player. Read up on the specs of this one -- the parts are amazing. I suspect modders will find something to do with it, but from what I know the design and parts are stunning. Two Sabre 32-bit DACs. Very serious gear. http://www.oppodigital.com/blu-ray-bdp-95/ The balance of my system...
A four-pack of fresh Pliny the Elder, a few bottles of Carmen Rodriguez Caro Dorum Selection Especial, and some Riedel tasting sets to flesh out the varietal specific collection.
SOLD Unfortunately these do not run wide - lest I would have kept them. Very svelt last. Am searching for this same / similar shoe in 10.5D. Picked these up from a fellow SFer -- I love the shoes, but need a 10.5D in this last. From the original thread: "Saks Fifth Avenue Private Label brown Suede punchcap derbys, 10D US. Sleek and elegant last with a slight chiseled toe, reminds me A LOT of the EG 888 though slightly roomier in the toe. Same medallion as the C&J...
A belated post of my fist three cigars of the new year: - An H. Upmann Tang Monarcha (2003) (special production for David Tang of Pacific Cigar) - A '98 Cohiba Siglo IV (from La Corona) - A '01 Cohiba CCE (from the La Corona factory) Phenomenal -- each and every one. If you have anything close to the age statements above, give them a try.
Suede Car coat or similar style suede jacket. Size M or L (translation ~ 42R).
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Just arrived: 2 x O7 Lewelling Cab 2 x 07 Lewelling Cab Wight Paid for them nearly 18 months ago and forgot about all about them until I got an email for the 08 vintage. I did not move fast enough and they sold out before I could log on and claim my allocation These are the two wines I spoke of the RP score that had all Petrus break out. This is hilarious -- I did the same thing. Bought, forgot, then...
When I go to a nicer restaurant I typically opt for corkage, in part for the cost, but mostly because I have wines I've been saving for occasions, and these seem like good ones. Depending on the size of the party, a combination of wine pairings and bottles brought along typically works very well. In this regard, it's really not that easy for the bill to get into the range of other posts here, which signal that we're really talking about the most you've paid for...
Does anyone know of a US source for Perofil socks? These occasionally come up at STP, but I don't see them sold regularly anywhere online. My guess is that these will be a brick and mortar find. Any one know?
Hard to peg a favorite, but I recently had -- on tap for the first time (have enjoyed this by the bottle often) -- Dogfish Head 90 Min. IPA. Exceptional. Very clean lines, 5 gallon keg. Perfect expression of what this beer can be. It's excellent in the bottle, but this was stunning in a carefully managed bar.
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