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No, these are a true 9.5D. I am willing to trade for larger boots (10D or 10.5D depending on the last).
Romano Martegani Mahogany (#4) Shell Cordovan brouged captoes. Double oak leather soles. $700 from Francos Fine Clothiers. Worn once (see sole photo) and determined the last is not quite right for me. Too many shoes so these beauties need to go. Box and bags included. Size 10.5D. These may also work for an 11D. Measurements below. Shipping included in the asking price. More photos available here: Measurements Heel to toe: 12 1/2" Widest point across sole:...
I enjoyed an '80s RG Panatela Larga this weekend -- very difficult cigar to role, but done perfectly. It started out with that distinct "aged tobacco" profile (no surprise), with a hint of those strains of tobacco that aren't grown any longer, then - after a decidedly bad spot during which I almost abandoned it - it was off to the races - brilliant to the end. A marvelous cigar and wonderful experience. If you've yet to try a perfectly kept vintage cigar, you've got...
Photos attached:
The Perfect Boot Ron Rider (Rider Boot Company) Custom Order Shell Cordovan Specs: Near new / As new with box and bags (worn once - minor creasing and light heel wear; creasing should not increase and relaxes when shoes are worn) Woodlore trees included 9.5 D Width (widest point): 4 4/16 Length (heel-toe measured on the sole): 12 3/16 Dainite soles Originally $1,400 from Ron Rider Styleforum price: $775 Will trade for similar quality boots in 10.5D
Just picked up a box of RA Estupendos. These were a regional release a couple years ago, and I was fortunate enough to pick up an unbroken box from a collector I know.
I've been working through a box of '98 Punch coronas (Habanos), a beautifully aged cigar. These are on the lighter to medium side and a preferred size. There are too few coronas produced these days. I've just received a few recent production Behikes, and I can't decide whether to see what they are like now (by reputation these smoke well young), or whether that would constitute unacceptable infanticide.
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