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Beautiful Zegna mainline 100% cashmere rich read full zip minimalist jacket. Tagged Size Large - 52 (Euro) / 42 (US) Approximate measurements: Shoulder to shoulder (across back) - 21.5" Chest (armpit to armpit) - 24" Sleeves - 25" Length (from bottom of collar) - 27" Condition: Excellent condition (see note below) No holes, pulls, or signs of wear (see note below) See photos above for faint discoloration under back collar (may come out in cleaning, unknown) (photo...
Bumpity bump, gents. Posting many items. Ping me with interest in multiple items. Time to move some merch.
** SOLD TO A SAVVY STYLEFORUM BUYER ** NWT Unhemmed ViaPietra cotton cords Unique dark brown cotton with flecks - perfect with a donegal sweater Size 34 Unhemmed SOLD: $SOLD
Closed / consolidated.
MORE DROPS Robert Talbott Protocol - $298 Tuxedo Shirt - Wingtip - 16.5 x 32 Robert Talbott Protocol $298 White wingtip (silk wingtips) tuxedo shirt 16.5 x 32 Cut tag, marked as a return $55. Free shipping (continental U.S.) at my asking with PayPal F&F payment. Ike Behar - $245 Striped Tuxedo Shirt - 16 x 34 Unique stipped Ike Behar tux shirt 16 x 34 French Cuff Ike Bear MOP buttons Cut tag and marked as a return $55. Free shipping (continental U.S.) at my...
Closed / Consolidated
Gentlemen, it's time to "make the spread" -- not on football, but on your collar. It's big knot, and bold silk time. This is "Old English" style – and I don't mean sitting on a stoop with a 40. Skinny-tie hipsters will involuntarily step aside as you stride into the room, your big, bold, bad-ass pink tie parting them like Moses splitting the water. Rock it. You know you can. Thick lush pink silk 7-Fold Neiman Marcus tie. NWT. $65 with FREE continental U.S....
DROP I purchased this combination a while ago and have never worn it. I love engine turned Sterling but am looking for a slightly different style. Buckle is not engraved. Polishes up nicer than shown in the photos. Currently, Ralph Lauren is selling their engine turned buckle for $495 (http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=32476246) The Brooks belt costs...
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