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Bumpity bump, gents. Posting many items. Ping me with interest in multiple items. Time to move some merch.
** SOLD TO A SAVVY STYLEFORUM BUYER ** NWT Unhemmed ViaPietra cotton cords Unique dark brown cotton with flecks - perfect with a donegal sweater Size 34 Unhemmed SOLD: $SOLD
Closed / consolidated.
MORE DROPS Robert Talbott Protocol - $298 Tuxedo Shirt - Wingtip - 16.5 x 32 Robert Talbott Protocol $298 White wingtip (silk wingtips) tuxedo shirt 16.5 x 32 Cut tag, marked as a return DROP: Priced to move at $55 $50 $45$40$35. Free shipping (continental U.S.) at my asking with PayPal F&F payment. Ike Behar - $245 Striped Tuxedo Shirt - 16 x 34 Unique stipped Ike Behar tux shirt 16 x 34 French Cuff Ike Bear MOP buttons Cut tag and marked as a return DROP: Priced...
Closed / Consolidated
Gentlemen, it's time to FEAR NO COLOR and "make the spread" -- not on football, but on your collar. It's big knot, and bold silk time. This is "Old English" style – and I don't mean sitting on a stoop with a 40. Skinny-tie hipsters will involuntarily step aside as you stride into the room, your big, bold, bad-ass pink tie parting them like Moses splitting the water. Rock it. You know you can. Thick lush pink silk 7-Fold Neiman Marcus tie. NWT. DROP: NOW $50 with...
DROP I purchased this combination a while ago and have never worn it. I love engine turned Sterling but am looking for a slightly different style. Buckle is not engraved. Polishes up nicer than shown in the photos. Currently, Ralph Lauren is selling their engine turned buckle for $495 (http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=32476246) The Brooks belt costs...
Preowned and new 16.5 x 34/35 or 16.5 x 35 dress shirts Joseph Abboud: Herringbone FC Blue (new) Tommy Hilfiger: Blue and white diagonal diamond Land's End: White FC (new) Brooks brothers: Pink Brooks Brothers: French blue FC Paul Fredrick: Gray FC (new) Kenneth Cole: Blue herringbone 16.5 x 34 dress shirts Robert Talbott Best of Class: pink woven Brooks Brothers: Blue pattern non-iron Robert Talbott: Gray textured weave This is a 'qualified sale' to support a good...
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