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Yes, a buddy of mine got out while the gettin' was good. His "futures" were 24 months past due. He dodged that bullet.
There were two Tang cigars produced -- both H. Umpann. The Monarcha and a No. 2. The No. 2s, at least when I was hunting, were harder to find and I never obtained more than a couple. I have a pair of the No. 2s waiting for a good friend and an excuse. Speaking of excuses, if anyone here on SF who is serious about (or seriously interested in) cigars wants to meet up, drop me a line. I'm in the SF Bay Area (Peninsula).
After some missed opportunities to smoke over the holidays, I took a break this weekend and dug into the collection to pull something special that brought back good memories and was an appropriately contemplative smoke for the start of the year. This was a H. Upman Tang Monarcha (a special Monarch made for David Tang of Pacific Cigars). Monarchas were boxed specially and sold exclusively in Asia. These were produced one month in one factory (Nov. 2002). Those who have...
Updated:24" chest26.5" sleeve20" shoulder to shoulder33" boc to bottom of jacket22.5" across at middle button56 L
Thanks for your interest in this amazing jacket. I will pull it and post confirmed measurements tonight.
I have older Stagg as well. There's more Van Winkle, some good old Jefferson 17 and 18 (all S-W), some early 4 Roses barrels.I don't buy to collect, I buy to drink so I'm not one of these guys with a lot of repeat bottles, but I have some good stuff and some overlap on bottles I really like.
Gents, I've got a deep bourbon collection of some items that are appropriate for a celebratory occasion - like the holidays. The bourbon market is crazy right now, but if anyone here is looking for something special, LMK. For example, I have Stizel-Weller Pappy 20 (2004), and some other unobtainium goods. PM me for info. A couple of photos of items available for those with fat stacks (please know the market for this before PMing me with under-market offers).
About time to break out the holiday smokes. Seems like I always plan on enjoying many more than I actually do, so this year I'm going to take the in reverse order -- the most "rarified" first (or at least the one I'm most in the mood for, regardless), down to the most "pedestrian" (truth be told, I don't travel with pedestrian cigars for the holidays). If I get it together, I will also post some samplers for the holidays for anyone who is interested. I'll target the...
Back to the topic at hand, I'm drinking straight bourbon (still at the office) but am eager to return to the Applejack cocktails I started experimenting with last month. Looking forward to it -- also going to pick up a bottle Arkansas Black.
Yes, I have an amazing one. I make it every year. I'm now famous for it. Honestly, I stole it from a friend who was famous for it. That's why I can't give it out. This is a CRAZY high proof recipe, though. I've had eggnog last 10 months without going south, when kept in the fridge. That's right, kids, 10 months without spoiling. Not that I was inclined to drink it at that point, but you put enough fortification in dairy and the hands of time stand still. I would...
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