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Wanted (price TBD based on the boot) 1 pair of epic shell boots. Equivalent of a US 10E (or a 10 on slightly wide last - like C&J 325) or 10.5D (on standard last). Prefer: Brown - C&J (Gianni for Ralph Lauren in 10D or 10.5D) - VASS (F-Last) Or Black - Alden SF special edition boot (black) Looking gently pre-owned or new.
It's worth describing, briefly, the flavors in the Davidoff. Mind you, I've had a Davi that I didn't think was anything special, so I don't praise rare cigars simply for their rarity (same with wine, etc.). This one, however, was a trip in the way-back machine. I'm not sure of the production year but I'm guessing late 70s. The simple, and best, way of describing it is this: smoking exceptionally well made vintage cigars like this is an experience in both tasting...
Last night was a good one for heavy-hitting (both in price and in profile) CA wines: Modicum sparkling (private label) - The private Thomas Keller / French Laundry label (you cannot purchase this wine outside of the restaurants) - Possibly the best domestic sparkling I have had -- surprising for a NV offering -- coaxed out unique flavors Auberge du Soleil sparkling (private label) Vinatieri Cabernet (2001, 2003) - The 2001 was opened at 2 p.m. and did not shine until...
Good day yesterday, for wine and cigars both. One of the few Cuban Davidoff's I've had, followed by one of the best custom rolled cigars I've ever smoked. Here's the custom roll - incredible construction.
I write pretty much exclusively with FPs, though I did rock a Kickstarter campaign for a nice aluminum body to hold G2 refills. Collection of Fountain Pens include: - Lamy 2000 Stainless - Lamy 2000 with modified italic nib (Richard Bender) - Pelikan M605 (red / sterling, Japan Ed.) - Pelikan M805 (Stresmann) - Pilot / Namiki Vanishing Point (Black-Out Ed.) - Montegrappa (sterling) - Yard-o-Led Grand Viceroy (sterling) - Various older Waterman pens
New in box, Lamy 2000 *Stainless* fountain pen. Never inked. Thinning out the collection. Photos of actual pen avail. Just PM. Perfect 371 eBay seller feedback -- as in 100% PERFECT -- 95% of feedback is as a seller. PP F&F or Venmo Payment. Includes all boxes, papers, etc. Free US shipping (lower 48 / CON US).
Whisky of the year - Crown Royal Harvest Rye.
Here was yesterday's cigar: 2007 Trinidad LE. The profile was refined-rustic. Plenty of "twang" up front -- with pepper, wood, and "aged tobacco." This is not a faint hearted cigar, typical of the Trinidad line. The draw was a touch tight on this, necessitating a couple of re-lights after ashing. Lots of spice on the tobacco throughout this cigar, which are more integrated now than they were on release. If you have these but have not tried one in a while, I...
Yes, a buddy of mine got out while the gettin' was good. His "futures" were 24 months past due. He dodged that bullet.
There were two Tang cigars produced -- both H. Umpann. The Monarcha and a No. 2. The No. 2s, at least when I was hunting, were harder to find and I never obtained more than a couple. I have a pair of the No. 2s waiting for a good friend and an excuse. Speaking of excuses, if anyone here on SF who is serious about (or seriously interested in) cigars wants to meet up, drop me a line. I'm in the SF Bay Area (Peninsula).
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