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Nice bag.
Received a Cohiba pyramid from the jar as a gift this weekend when up in Napa at tastings this weekend. Looking forward to reporting back on it.
Nothing like a good Monte Especial and home roast coffee to make the morning. Scratch that. Nothing like a 1985 Monte Especial and home roast coffee (gift from a fellow collector). Some vintage cigars can underwhelm. This 30 year old one hit the mark.
These shoes are on the timeless F-last
I love the ERdM line - underappreciated and typically priced very right. I still have a virgin box of vintage Tainos may never crack. How is this EL?
I've been working through some pretty epic cigars, but no photos. Here's one I enjoyed a few weeks ago -- a RASS from '95 that I'd been saving for it's 20th birthday. Patience is a virtue ... now if I'd only saved more than one ... Look at the nice gray ash it produced. Much less delicate than it looks. Unlike when I'm in a bar, this cigar required a second band to allow me to identify that it was the "20 year old" I was looking for, among the "loose singles."
These are now SOLD PENDING PAYMENT from SFer: Tweedletwattle.
Borrelli - Luxury Vintage Line Red Stripe Dress Shirt Size: 18
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