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Started with St. Bernarudus "Wit," paired with comte, aged farmhouse English cheddar, and adagio, salami (Fra'Mani) and prosciutto, artisinal slab bread and olives. Now I'm on to Rogue Russian Imperial Stout with a flourless chocolate torte. If you're a stout fan, buy this limited edition release -- it's phenomenal.
Enjoyed a '98 Hoyo du Prince today, with a traditional Aviation (made with a bottle of Creme Yvette that I just picked up). Excellent.
This thread omits the very fresh window -- but it's very difficult to get cigars from the roller's table ... unless you've visited Cueto, Jorge, Mons, Santos and others on La Isla ... In all seriousness, I've had plenty of young Habanos (within that "2 year" period) that were fantastic, and from periods in which I do not believe there was any tobacco cooking.
Spend some time learning ... on your own ... not just asking to be told why. There's a lot of hype/salesmanship/chicanery in the rug business but, at the end of the day, a well made rug is a utilitarian work of art -- to be lived with and enjoyed. If you ever have a chance to see rug production, you'll understand immediately where the costs comes from. If you ever have a chance to live with a good rug for years, you'll understand over time where the value comes...
Enjoyed this tonight -- a '66 magnum of Chateau Jean Faure.
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman The 1.8? I bought one recently as well -- pretty good lens! Yes. I find the focus isn't as fast as I'd like but the lighting is good. If they made a 1.4 for the DX I would have opted for that.
Quote: Originally Posted by PartagasIV Based on caramel alone, I would venture the guess of it's a PL PC, what I am smoking right now. The only mareva/minuto/perla with distinct caramel flavors with some age that I can think of. The PL Panatelas are also great for a daily cheap cigar, if you want a thinner RG 'quick' smoke. PLPCs are the one cigar I've gotten caramel from, but moreso in the old days before they were discontinued then...
In mindset I'm a minimalist, in practice I'm a collector. I suspect I'm not alone here.
I did not care for the last version of the 5. I sold my 2000 5 series years ago and had no interest in moving to the new body -- so I elected to purchase a 6 series, which looks as good to me today as the day I bought it. I've not seen many of the '10 5 series on the road. It harkens back to the older body style, which I favor. I do not care for the GT hatchback, which I have seen in person. It seems to take the car back to it's mistaken bulky and oversized look...
Nikon Nikkor 35mm lens AF-S DX
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