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Not as much as I used to but, yes. I have an amazing number of wonderful options to work through. These days, it's mostly singles that I've been gifted over the years, or box remnants -- things that take me back to "the day."Here's another recent enjoyable evening ...
One of my last few vintage FDC coronas. These were great cigars -- little known but beautiful and in the tradition of the Davidoff profile.
If anyone here is interested in *incredible* sounding vintage gear, drop me a PM. I have an ultra-rare amp and preamp that sound and look amazing. They are beasts, though, so if space is an issue these are not for you. Pictured: Onkyo M5090 Amp and matching P-3090 preamp. Additional details available via PM. These are *not* inexpensive.
Uniqlo Airism V-Neck -- What's sizing like on these? Looking for "fitted" fit for undershirt use -- 5'10" 175lb. and 41-42 in most suiting. L or XL?
New in Box. Made in Italy. Anitiqued. Stunning. LIKE ITALIAN RACE CARS FOR YOUR FEET. Except they won't break down on you, and they cost less. Size: 43.5 / 10.5 US / 10 UK New Price: $1500 new (plus tax). Styleforum Price: [SOLD] Metal Taps: Priceless Includes box, bags and SM "shoe trees" shown in pictures. Outsole measurements: Length: 12.5 inches Width: 4.25 inches
No, these are a true 9.5D. I am willing to trade for larger boots (10D or 10.5D depending on the last).
Romano Martegani Mahogany (#4) Shell Cordovan brouged captoes. Double oak leather soles. $700 from Francos Fine Clothiers. Worn once (see sole photo) and determined the last is not quite right for me. Too many shoes so these beauties need to go. Box and bags included. Size 10.5D. These may also work for an 11D. Measurements below. Shipping included in the asking price. More photos available here: Measurements Heel to toe: 12 1/2" Widest point across sole:...
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