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Wine and spirits mostly -- an "on hold" allocation from the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, including George T. Stagg, William L. Weller, and Thomas Handy, some '07 cabs, and some '07 vintage port. At least with the bourbon and rye I don't have to wait 8 - 20 years to enjoy my purchase
You may want to consider working with an architect nonetheless. This is a big project and the advice and counsel you can receive from a good architect could pay for itself and provide some interesting ideas even if you don't hire him or her to re-design the plans.
The new MBP line / the refresh was released today. Apple aficionados, what say ye? (While any posts are welcome, "Mac's suck" comments are not particularly helpful, like price comparisons to non-Mac options -- those opinions and options are common knowledge.) I found the update to be painfully predictable, and lacking the uptick in technology Apple has been known for in the past when it does it's first release. For example, no Blu Ray, no low energy display...
K&L also has a respectable old and rare collection, including some wines that come direct from the chateau / producer.
Great review -- for those too stupefied by the prequils to sit down and figure out why they were so painful and terrible in comparison, this is a great summary of the basics of effective story telling. Although I'm only part way through the critique of Episode I, this commentary on "how not" to do a movie appears to be a good tool to teach people "how to" check for the "fundamentals" that should be in most scripts and story lines. Worth watching.
Other an no big cabs and no Sauternes are there any other guidelines? Would a champagne be out of place? A magnum may be appropriate and IMO, there are a lot of very interesting options here, from respectable vintages. Or a vintage port? Typically, '63s and '77s and other years are readily available. This may help narrow the field and identify some other interesting candidates.
Smoked a special cigar this morning ... for no special reason. A Ramon Allones Corona. Long since out of production. Amazing cigar!
The battle royale! Gents, put on your twice a year ties, your triple pleat slacks, and brush down that walrus mustache! We're taking the *ladies* out on the town. Now, we all know that nookie is normally pretty much gua-ran-teed with a stop through the drive by DQ for a soft serve, so you can pretty much imagine what's going to happen when you surprise her with the Red Lobsta! But don't stop there. You know her cute little cousin -- the one you're pretty sure...
Quote: Originally Posted by dpatsil Incredible!!! How was the Monsdale? I have never smoked one and always heard good things. Man, I got to get down there and see him before he retires. I've skipped him the past couple trips which I really regret. BTW, the "store" has Cab 50's of Mag 46's from '05. Is that a typo? I only do this twice a year ... so it's an all out assault. I really enjoy monsdales -- they are some of the best...
New Posts  All Forums: