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I haven't' had one of these yet but hope to one weekend soon -- from Air France in the 1970s, first class.
What was cigar banded for Habanos Day? Just a standard production Edmundo?BTW: I think I'm in the minority, but I loved the original release of the Edmundo; I believe (suspect) they tweaked (changed) the blend for these later.
These are shell cordovan - and if I recall correctly these are in Horween Color 6.
An excellent pairing from the weekend before last. As Zino Davidoff said: "smoke better, smoke less." This is from the Farmhouse humidor. Very subdued and refined but not lifeless. I switched from rum to Champagne while smoking this, since the rum (phenominal) was a bit dominant. I recommend if you have a Farmhouse (for smoking, not collecting) you enjoy one of these now.
These boots are still available and the fit, IMO, is TTS / between a 9.5D and a 10 slightly narrower than D. There has been a lot of renewed interest in these boots and I'm just now getting back to parties with additional fit information. If you are interested, please PM me soon. If a deal does not close here these are off to eBay.
Not as much as I used to but, yes. I have an amazing number of wonderful options to work through. These days, it's mostly singles that I've been gifted over the years, or box remnants -- things that take me back to "the day."Here's another recent enjoyable evening ...
One of my last few vintage FDC coronas. These were great cigars -- little known but beautiful and in the tradition of the Davidoff profile.
If anyone here is interested in *incredible* sounding vintage gear, drop me a PM. I have an ultra-rare amp and preamp that sound and look amazing. They are beasts, though, so if space is an issue these are not for you. Pictured: Onkyo M5090 Amp and matching P-3090 preamp. Additional details available via PM. These are *not* inexpensive.
New Posts  All Forums: