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Enjoyed this tonight -- a '66 magnum of Chateau Jean Faure.
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman The 1.8? I bought one recently as well -- pretty good lens! Yes. I find the focus isn't as fast as I'd like but the lighting is good. If they made a 1.4 for the DX I would have opted for that.
Quote: Originally Posted by PartagasIV Based on caramel alone, I would venture the guess of it's a PL PC, what I am smoking right now. The only mareva/minuto/perla with distinct caramel flavors with some age that I can think of. The PL Panatelas are also great for a daily cheap cigar, if you want a thinner RG 'quick' smoke. PLPCs are the one cigar I've gotten caramel from, but moreso in the old days before they were discontinued then...
In mindset I'm a minimalist, in practice I'm a collector. I suspect I'm not alone here.
I did not care for the last version of the 5. I sold my 2000 5 series years ago and had no interest in moving to the new body -- so I elected to purchase a 6 series, which looks as good to me today as the day I bought it. I've not seen many of the '10 5 series on the road. It harkens back to the older body style, which I favor. I do not care for the GT hatchback, which I have seen in person. It seems to take the car back to it's mistaken bulky and oversized look...
Nikon Nikkor 35mm lens AF-S DX
I enjoyed a Santos double robusto last night (Santos is a master roller, like Mons or Taboada). The construction was impeccable and the tobacco outstanding. One of the great cigars from one of the great masters. I realize I rarely post photos, so here's one:
You may want to post measurements of these shoes. I am a US 10E/10.5D and wear a 44 in the VASS U-Last. With an elongated toe box, I suspect that both these and the SM's may work for someone with a foot that is smaller than the posted sizes.
That Glasser Design bag is stunning. Very nice purchase. Today I picked up a pair of high end Bosch appliances -- washer and a dryer. Not a required upgrade, but the government and municipal rebates pushed me over the ledge.
Them Brag's products have a strange cultish following, that ol' Mrs. Braggs seems to encourage.
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