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And for those who don't want to to add ice, but also don't want to forget their coke in the freezer, keep a heafty glass mug with a handle in your freezer instead. A truly frozen thick glass mug will sufficiently chill a refrigerated soda to form ice crystals on top.
Quote: Originally Posted by MrG Mexican Coca-Cola in a glass bottle FTW! Yes. Coke made in Mexico is Coke made (the way it used to be and should be) with cane sugar, not corn syrup. It comes in a glass bottle. I rarely drink soda, but when I do, this is one of the few. If you favor Cuba Libres, this one will make you realize what you've been missing -- Coke in the bottle, with a healthy squeeze of Persian lime and a 50/50 blend of...
The picture of the Sterling library at Yale does not do the building justice. Additionally, the Yale Law Library should not be overlooked.
I have not used all of the ones lauded here, but the Contigo are the best I've found, balancing design, temperature retention, and fit in a car holder.
Is such a thing made? What kind of car / cup holder?
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu The 15 year you can drink neat. If you can only find the 12 year, I usually drink that on the rocks. I've experienced some variation in the 12YO. I have found at least one bottle a touch stronger and even richer than the 15YO. I enjoy both neat. fcuknu, are your El Dorado rums from the old style or newer style bottles? Have you noticed a difference, particularly in the 12 YO if you've sampled from both?
Size approx. US 42. This is the Ltd. Ed. jacket designed by Tokihito Yoshida.
'01 Cohiba Corona Especiale tonight with a sparking wine. Phenominal cigar.
Roasted again today -- with rare exception (Blue Bottle, Four Barrel, etc.), all the coffee I drink is home roasted. Sunday coffee was a Kenya AA microlot and a custom blend. Both were brewed in my vacuum pot.
Ed, you are the man. These look great. I'm looking forward to additional sizes and expect to opt into a pair in mid-weight to heavier weight fabric.
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