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The picture of the Sterling library at Yale does not do the building justice. Additionally, the Yale Law Library should not be overlooked.
I have not used all of the ones lauded here, but the Contigo are the best I've found, balancing design, temperature retention, and fit in a car holder.
Is such a thing made? What kind of car / cup holder?
Quote: Originally Posted by fcuknu The 15 year you can drink neat. If you can only find the 12 year, I usually drink that on the rocks. I've experienced some variation in the 12YO. I have found at least one bottle a touch stronger and even richer than the 15YO. I enjoy both neat. fcuknu, are your El Dorado rums from the old style or newer style bottles? Have you noticed a difference, particularly in the 12 YO if you've sampled from both?
Size approx. US 42. This is the Ltd. Ed. jacket designed by Tokihito Yoshida.
'01 Cohiba Corona Especiale tonight with a sparking wine. Phenominal cigar.
Roasted again today -- with rare exception (Blue Bottle, Four Barrel, etc.), all the coffee I drink is home roasted. Sunday coffee was a Kenya AA microlot and a custom blend. Both were brewed in my vacuum pot.
Ed, you are the man. These look great. I'm looking forward to additional sizes and expect to opt into a pair in mid-weight to heavier weight fabric.
Iron schmiron ... I got a commercial steamer and have never looked back.
There's an option I prefer to "going over the wine list" when with friends ... that's participating in wine dinners. We recently hosted two at the Bohemian Grove. Some excellent wines are poured, from respective collections of the participants, paired with cooking that we do and planned around the meals. (I won't proclaim the dining to be 'Manton cooking,' but the participants are all accomplished home cooks in one respect or another, the meals play off of the...
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