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I find the best to be Weller 12. I prefer higher proof spirits in many cocktails and this has a slight extra edge at 45% / 90 proof. I did side by side Juleps on Derby day with Weller 12 and Woodford and, to my taste, the Weller was the clear winner. I've also had excellent Juleps with Booker's (125 proof). I don't find Knob to be too peppery / spicy, but use it more in other cocktails. I'm not a fan of Maker's. I find it to be sweet, and would not use it in a...
I find the look to be timeless, but somewhat maligned by: boxy cuts, the "swing dancing" fad, and by David Letterman's bad habit of wearing his DB unbuttoned. I'll be posting some suits in the FS forum soon, including a solid charcoal gray LB Sartorial (made, I believe, by Attolini). For those of you who are a 40R and looking for a brilliant suit, that's one to consider.
$1500 does not leave a lot of room if you're looking for both an amp and speakers new. I'd highly recommend looking in the secondary market. One option is a used Jolida 1501 integrated hybrid -- they can be had for about $500 (you may need to buy a universal remote separately). For Speakers, Paradigm Reference Studio 40s are well regarded and in your price range (used). I like the sound of Green Mountain Audio speakers with tube gear. Their last generation...
Quote: Originally Posted by jakejake Which B&M stores carry the Bona's? Never heard of them before. BedBath&Beyond. You can purchase these products at many stores that install and refinish floors as well. Amazon, though not B&M, presumably also sells this online.
I snoozed and loosed. To the fortunate buyer of this suit (for which I never saw a photo): 5) Isaia suit Size 52 (40-42RR). Base S model. Mid-weight flannel brown/grey flannel plaid with coral pin stripe. Peak lapel, 3 button closure with side vents, ticket pocket, non-working button holes. Trousers are flat front, cuffed and have suspender buttons. (sold) Chest: 22" Shoulders: 19" Bottom of collar length: 31" Sleeve: 25.5" Trouser waist and room to let out:...
Poker night on Friday -- one Ramon Allones regional edition Asia Pacific, one Cohiba Siglo I, and one H Upmann Magnum 46. Rum selections "on tap" included Zafra 21 Year Old, Flor de Cana 12, Diplomatico Exclusivo, and a few others. A solid night.
+3 on the Bona (not "Bonfa"). Do not over-wet the floors. This is the biggest mistake people make when cleaning. Moisture will wick between the boards, expand (over time) and create small expansion joints for dirt. Spray the solution directly on the micorfiber mop and go to town. Roomba robot also gets good reviews by those who use it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Tonight, at home with my signature cocktail... Refresh my recollection of your signature drink, sir? Rum old fashionds. Very interesting. I'll have to try one. With what rum where they made?
... alas, this is not the thread to read right now. I'm drinking nothing in preparation for heading to the gym in an hour. Last night I had some surprisingly good wine at a launch party for the next generation of robots. Fold towels they do, and mix drinks they might. Vicarious tippling for me right now only.
I'm drinking one of my last bottles of Dogfish Head Brewery "Punk" ale from this past year -- perfect rainy CA afternoon brew. That 2010 Jubel is great beer -- I picked up several bottles and have laid down all but one for aging.
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