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More discussion of architecture please -- many of these garages are notable for more than merely the cars (and these are not "mere" cars) that are in them -- the look like actual rooms. I'm perpetually mystified by why people building their own homes don't do more with their garages to integrate them into the look and feel of the main house. Even if every house "needs" a place for tools and boxes and "stuff" why make "that place" the garage? The garage, in my opinion,...
Space gray metallic; coral red/ black Dakota leather; dark glacier aluminum (or dark burl).
Quote: Originally Posted by PartagasIV Got in some celebration sticks today...a fiver of Cohiba DC 03 EL's and a pair of Millennium Reserva Cohiba Piramides from the jar. I presume these were purchased from an individual, rather than a vendor? What's the celebration?
Home roasted espresso-based organic milk mocha with shaved Valrhona dark chocolate.
Weekend cigars were: - A Hoyo DC from '05 -- acceptable but not intriguing. - A Monte Especial No. 1 from '98 -- excellent. - A '96 Le Hoyo Du Roy -- fantastic.
Poker tonight. I expect a solid three-cigar line up. Will post later what I end up smoking but tentative include: - 1 custom rolled cigar - A Cohiba Lancero, '01 - A Monte Especial No. 1, '00 So many cigars ... so little time.
I have a couple half/full bottles from the same vintage. This thread has inspired me to open both side by side. I don't have much in this department, but I'll post my thoughts when I've done a comparison.
Oh yes, and earlier tonight I had two cocktails: - An Aviation (with Broker's and Crème Yvette Violette Liqueur) - A version of a "kir royale" made with Creme Yvette and 1999 De Meric "Catherine de Medicis" Brut Champagne *Before you decry making a cocktail with premium elements, note that the Yvette was a very light component of this drink, just enough to take the dry edge away. Elegant.
Started with St. Bernarudus "Wit," paired with comte, aged farmhouse English cheddar, and adagio, salami (Fra'Mani) and prosciutto, artisinal slab bread and olives. Now I'm on to Rogue Russian Imperial Stout with a flourless chocolate torte. If you're a stout fan, buy this limited edition release -- it's phenomenal.
Enjoyed a '98 Hoyo du Prince today, with a traditional Aviation (made with a bottle of Creme Yvette that I just picked up). Excellent.
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