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In mindset I'm a minimalist, in practice I'm a collector. I suspect I'm not alone here.
I did not care for the last version of the 5. I sold my 2000 5 series years ago and had no interest in moving to the new body -- so I elected to purchase a 6 series, which looks as good to me today as the day I bought it. I've not seen many of the '10 5 series on the road. It harkens back to the older body style, which I favor. I do not care for the GT hatchback, which I have seen in person. It seems to take the car back to it's mistaken bulky and oversized look...
Nikon Nikkor 35mm lens AF-S DX
I enjoyed a Santos double robusto last night (Santos is a master roller, like Mons or Taboada). The construction was impeccable and the tobacco outstanding. One of the great cigars from one of the great masters. I realize I rarely post photos, so here's one:
You may want to post measurements of these shoes. I am a US 10E/10.5D and wear a 44 in the VASS U-Last. With an elongated toe box, I suspect that both these and the SM's may work for someone with a foot that is smaller than the posted sizes.
That Glasser Design bag is stunning. Very nice purchase. Today I picked up a pair of high end Bosch appliances -- washer and a dryer. Not a required upgrade, but the government and municipal rebates pushed me over the ledge.
Them Brag's products have a strange cultish following, that ol' Mrs. Braggs seems to encourage.
Connie, it strikes me that you have well over 29,000 posts. Perhaps this issue also has something to do with too much time sitting inside in front of the computer? Re: your recent post that you "hate your body," well -- learn to love it. Out of that love you may find respect, and out of that respect the will to "just do it." Attitude can have a material impact on your progress (or lack thereof) in this area.
That's a very conspicuous closure for a smuggling compartment. I like the wine/hooch idea. Looks like a nice square edged bottle of Bushmills 16 would fit nicely.
I'd consider buying some to roast myself if I ever saw it offered green and from a reliable source, but if I don't (and don't expect I will), I have no compulsion to try it. I've had most other "sought after" coffees and this is not, to my knowledge, consistently exceptional by reputation when judged as "coffee" rather than "experience."
New Posts  All Forums: