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Wine dinner with a new mentor. I've got some learning to do where Burgundy is concerned. This is what we had tonight - plus an epic Sauternes. 2 2008 whites And 2 2007 reds And by "this is what we had," I mean some of the best producers, period. Extremely focused wines. This is going to be an interesting journey if I get out alive and financially solvent.
+1 to the +1
I really like the look of the Camberley. That's one good looking boot.
Alas, he has retired. Another tailor at the shop is Marco (?). I called and got the news this morning.
Beautiful work.My only comment is a word to the wise: you will soon discover, as I did after building a wine room, that much bigger than you think you need is always better.
This past weekend I pulled a "mystery cigar" out of storage. No idea what it was, but I had in a tray of "save for ____" cigars. I could speculate, but just suffice it to say I should have hand banded this cigar. Flavors were spot on -- no tannins, clean, focused, mild but floral, blossoming, old tobacco notes I've posted about before, thick blue-gray smoke, delicate ash. Sadly, the cigar was a touch too delicate and the foot unraveled, really dampening the experience...
I am looking to have an Attolini jacket shortened overall, sleeves taken up from the shoulder, and some other alterations. I also need an honest assessment of whether the alterations I am seeking are worth doing of if I'm starting too far off the mark. I have used Bob Stankovic for many items with success but am reluctant to use him for jacket shortening. I am considering Carlos (Oxford) and Ricardo (Sunnyvale). Does anyone here with experience using one or both have...
Damn. How did I miss this?
1996 CCE - 20 years to evolve into a near perfect smoke. Only the finish - with a bit of build up - was not ideal; the rest was iconic aged Cohiba.
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