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I had an amazing R y J Wide Churchill recently, but it was my only experience with this cigar and it was the tubo version.
Rule #___ of the Cigar Forum here on Style Forum:"Thou shalt not post photos of Cuban Daivdoff/Dunhills without commenting on them."Rule #___ of Cigar Etiquette"Thou shalt smoke all of the cigar you are gifted when you are gifted a Cuban Davidoff/Dunhill" (unless it underwhelms)Pls. provide commentary on the Ch. Margaux pictured above!
Any chance on raising from the dead the Galway 2 / Gianni MTO? Anyone else interested in participating in that who did not speak up before?
I went with Ricardo in Sunnyvale and it turned out well. Do not be put off by the suiting he sells ... he works on the very best clothing that people bring into him.I should have done before and after shots, but the work is excellent. He's making a minor adjustment to the jacket now (so no pics yet) but overall, I've been pleased with his work (this involved extensive work) and he's more convenient for me than some of the tailors in SF.Carl has retired from Oxford, but...
Stand back gents ... epic smoking day below ... The setting: Half Moon Bay, CA on the water and on the green. No. 1: Royal Jamaica Corona (1960) The day started early, at about 11 am with a Royal Jamaica (1960). (No photo) This cigar had plenty of aged tobacco flavors. It was a good first cigar, mild but with complexity that a clean palate could enjoy. Minor wrapper issues, but that is not always easy to avoid in a 50+ year old cigar. No. 2: Punch Diademas Extra...
Please gents that like the Garran (Gallway 2) shell boot get ye over to the MTO thread and help us get to 12 for this order whilst the GBP is till at a favorable exchange rate.
I've had some great cigars since I last posted, but I think the one that stood out the most was a surprise: Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill tubo. Incredibly well rolled. Incredibly smooth and approachable. No known box code, but they were purchased a year ago. Grew in strength at the last 1/3, providing the full spectrum of rich / integrated / creamy / absolutely no touch of harshness, building in a slow crescendo to fully formed increasing power ... a cigar of immense...
This is entirely correct; in fact, many of the Monsdales that were smoked well before Enrique died were also rolled by Jorge.I've met him. Great guy. One of the few rollers to roll in an entubulares style in some of his cigars. Great talent. The apprentice, in many respects, has become the master -- and he's young so he has (hopefully) many years of rolling ahead.
You hit some of the solid usual suspects. B+B (+1), Ad Hoc (I've been there more than any other restaurant -- but the last 3 times have not been nearly as good as the first 15), G+F (too many figs in too many things and an overly "rustic" atmosphere, but +1 on the peaches), BR (yes, yes, yes), CP (one of the first farm to table before the world knew what that meant). All around -- a solid tour.On the wine front, glad you discovered Porter Creek - that's a great winery...
Any word on MTO Shell belts to match the MTO shell boots?
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