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Yes, that's the Mantights Accessories version.
I think of mine sitting in the closet and long for winter to come around again.
Reapply the suede protector after the shoes are dry again, after washing.
Okay, what in the world is up with J. Crew prices these days? They're now selling Baracuta G-9s for $390. This is at least $100, maybe more, than what I paid for one from J. Crew 4 years ago. I realize that Baracuta's prices have gone up in general, but you can find them on certain men's sites for around $300.
We're talking about sneakers. How fancy do you need to get?
Sure, I'll do a zombie thread resurrection. I stumbled on this thread while doing some research into LE for some purchases I'm going to make. I just picked up their blackwatch Viyella l/s shirt, and it is great! I was really surprised. I don't expect much from this company, or didn't, until now. Yes, the fit is generous, but damn, it's comfortable. It actually has me convinced that I may be wearing my shirts too small, and that I need to get away from this whole trim,...
Wow. You sure have. Better start laying off the pizzas, dude.Nah, just kidding. The fit looks fine, in my opinion.
My guess is anywhere from 6 to 12 or even 18 months or possibly quite a bit longer, depending on several factors: how much daily wear you give them, the conditions you wear them in (weather, etc.), the humidity in your house, and any number of unknown variables. I wouldn't obsess over it. With leather, it looks good however it is. Just take reasonable care of them and let them break in and develop their own patina over time. I wouldn't do anything to speed up the...
Very odd. I don't think I've ever seen the "lightening up" of which you speak. Quite the contrary, as with most leather products, they tend to darken over time. Also, if you are responsibly taking care of them by occasionally conditioning them with a leather condition, that, too, will make them get darker.So... um... if you really are expecting them to light up, you may be waiting a while.
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