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I've tried rinsing and it doesn't seem to improve. Heck, they're only $60. Maybe I'll just grab another pair.
On the other hand, I'm not sure I can abide these stains. http://imgur.com/a/J1YRA Would you still wear them? I'm not sure how these came about. I've heard different things. Bleach in the detergent. Glue from the insole that wicks upward as the shoe dries. Should I just wear them anyway?
It's white sperry cvos for me this summer. I don't even have to buy any. I'm pulling my dirty ones out of the closet. Figure if they're good enough for this guy, they're good enough for me.
To me Clarks look good when they get roughed in a bit. I don't think of them as a dress shoe, although I do try to keep my chocolate brown ones nice looking. But I don't obsess over it. I just wear them and let what happens happen. I think you are the only person I've heard say they run small. They are notorious for a fitting big.
Good to know, AA... . Thanks.
If I'm not mistaken, I think RW Heritage does make a suede chukka. I'll have to check their site again but I could swear I saw one there.Here we go: http://www.redwingheritage.com/boots#&f=&m=/detail/3138-heritage-us/3138-red-wing-heritage-mens-chukka-boot-grayI guess it might not be technically suede. They call it rough and tough.But yeah, in the scheme of things, I guess 100 isn't bad for a stylish shoe that will take me through 2-3 years.I do like the RW stuff, though....
I agree, A. I have Ludlow jackets and suits, and they fit me perfectly and I feel they are somewhat timeless. And I agree about the sweaters and collabs. There is still good stuff there, and I still shop there. Just seems like I am finding less there that interests me these days.
I was thinking about this the other day. With regular wear, say, even once or twice a week, my Clarks give out after about 2-3 years. At 100 a shot, I'm wondering if it's worth buying these again. On the other hand, Red Wing Heritage has some great looking chukkas, and I know those would be a much longer-lasting shoe, maybe even a lifetime shoe. More expensive initial at over $200, but worth it.
They do carry the older version, but man, $25 to ship to the U.S.!
By the way, any recommendations on sizing? I wear a 10 in my regular Chucks, which are pretty much spot on. I used to have a pair of 11 JPs a few years back but I can't remember how they fit. They might have been a touch big. Thanks.
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