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Yesterday was nearly epic. Set out to do a 110 mile loop from Poughkeepsie to Hunter mountain back to Poughkeepsie via New Paltz, with about 5,000' of climbing. Pouring down rain for about 25 of the first 50 miles. Had to bail after 3 punctures and going over the bars after the guy in front of me went down in the rain.
Ok, I'm 90% certain I'll go for it. Let me see if I can get my hands on a sample in the next day or so and if so I'll PM you to confirm.
Do you still have 10mL or 30mL available or did you manage to fill the whole flacon?
Is anyone interested in doing another aventus split if we can manage to get it done in the next couple days before the hike?
This morning: Paceline ride in central park: 12 miles on the rivet @ ~24.5mph average, 12 miles in zone 1/2 @ ~15mph average 900' elevation
For the more inexpensive options, like the Rochas, I will probably end up buying a full bottle. It usually takes me more applications than I can get out of a sample to really determine whether I like a scent. I figure it's better for me go for a full bottle and sell the remainder on B&S if I end up not liking it.Thanks, looks like a great option.
I might be interested in these 2. Do you know whether the HM is the "Eau de Toilette" or "Eau de Parfum" version? Also, I'm not quite sure but I think there are a few different fragrances under the A*Men name, do you know which one you have? (*Men/M110,en_US,sc.html)
Just realizing that a while back I had a sample of Hanae Mori for Men EdT and I liked it enough to write the name down. Thinking of ordering some of this as well, but some of the reviews I'm reading are calling at least the EdP version a gourmand similar to Rochas Man. Is the HM going to be too similar to the Rochas Man to justify owning them both? How do the EdT and EdP versions compare to each other and to the Rochas?
Awesome thanks guys. I can see this habit getting very expensive, very quickly... Think I'll try Rochas Man first since it's so inexpensive and then if I'm still liking the coffee thing maybe give New Haarlem a shot.Looking for a good summer scent too. Anything in particular I should try to get samples of that you guys have had success with?
Great. Allgoodnames, I'll invoice you once I figure out the final cost including shipping/packaging. Where have you guys been getting the atomizer bottles for the splits? Can anyone recommend a good source?
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