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+ 15 = 34554
That made me laugh. Ordered one yesterday and it'll be here in a mere 4-5 weeks. At least they won't bill me until they ship it. Should have some funds resupplied by then.
You can check if it's in stock.
+ 50 today = 47308
Criminal mug shots from the 20s. If it's already been posted, sorry.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo +1 to the first part -1 to the second. Eccleston was better than Tennent and Tennent was better than Smith. Agreed. Eccleston could've rivaled Baker as the best Doctor of all, but the prick wanted out of his contract faster than you can say George Lazenby. Would've loved to have seen how he would have developed his character further. I pretty much enjoy the show no matter who plays The Doctor.
If I were in the market for a Civic, I think I'd either move down and get a Fit or move up and get an Accord.
Quote: Originally Posted by Geoffrey Firmin The Guardian has a series called the New Vegetarianism with recipes by Yotam Ottolenghi his is modern style Vego food. It depends why style of food you like the most This, Indian or Italian. This is as good as any place to start Thanks for the tip. I'm vegetarian maybe 3-4 days a week. Health reasons only, no ethical ones.
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