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seiko 5 typically uses 7s26 or on newer models 7s36 movements, that model is probably from the SNX line.
the watch in your pic is not a chronograph
I have a few older 2B suits that have very low lapels. Is it possible to have these taken to 3-button and have the lapels subsequently shortened? Has anyone undergone this procedure, and how was the outcome, if so?
im interested. . pm'd
anyone? anyone?
Curious, is it essential that an overcoat worn over a suit extend past the knee? I am short, just shy of 5'5", and I always feel ridiculous in long coats. I have a cashmere/wool blend coat that comes down to a couple of inches above my knee, and fits well in the shoulder with a suit (something that I have had difficulty finding.) I work in a conservative business and I wonder if this represents some kind of faux-pas? Thanks in advance for any insight or opinions.
I have no experience with J. Lindeberg jeans, other than what I have seen in their boutiques, but they have a variety of cuts and those do not appear all that slim. From the measurements the seller provided it looks like the waist runs true to size, but they may stretch a little since they're raw.
Quote: Originally Posted by LipsMahoney They aren't your standard jeans.... I've put them on ebay already but would absolutely love to keep them. My question is, assuming it's worth it to me, is it a possibility without completely screwing them up? It's possible to completely restructure them, and I've had it done twice, but it can be a crapshoot; if you spent enough that you are not...
Tell your girlfriend to do it with some of her nail-polish remover. Should come right off. Just my personal opinion, I think you're being overly sensitive about something that small. That would be like removing the name of your watch from the dial.
I'm on the East Coast, and I've only visited the RRL store in Georgetown/DC. The selection was very good; a wide array of wahses and products. To my dismay however, the jeans did not look or feel to be on par with the older Japanese made jeans, IMO. The salesguy told me that it's the same denim, spun from the same looms in Japan, and constructed in the Us. But the color seemed much more dull, less slubby and uneven, and the jeans just didn't feel lik the two pairs I...
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