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I bought, and returned, the Bowery. The boots are beautifully made and the leather is lovely. But too bulbous for me. I have size 12 feet though which may make a difference.
Thanks! Do you know if the bowery boots fit TTS?
The new Bowery booots are on sale at 499 too. What do people think of these?
Please count me in for 30ml. Thanks!
Hi - I would be interested in 30ml of each of the GIT and Aventus. Thanks!
Hi - is the money clip still available?
Was this sold?
IPA is fabulous - but why the fascination with making it extra strong in the US? British IPA's (they invented it when India was under British rule) are 3-4% generally and a classic everyday beer. No snobbery involved at all!
How about Acid8000 by Fatboy Slim - see this Lance Armstrong video for a feel of how it works with CV! J
I always ask my tailor for "original hems" on jeans. It keeps the style of the jeans and is especially important on stylized jeans. Usually costs only a fraction more. J
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