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I'm also interested in some shirts if someone can provide proxy service. Pm me
Looking for a someone to proxy some items from Uniqlo Soho store to Cali. PM me.
Can someone recommend a size for me in the Ludlow Cord Sport Coat since I am purchasing online. Should I get a size M or L? My concern is that the L would be too long (I'm 5'7). I am wear a suit size 40S (regular not slim fit). Someone with a similar cut or jacket could provide me measurements. Thanks.
Can someone provide the shoulder measurement on a Medium or Large on the Slim Fit Blazer?
Anyone know which Barneys have the Slim Guy Grey Cashmere sz32 left? I'm in So. Cal.
Quote: Originally Posted by JelloFaust Second that. Orange county / Long Beach / South Bay area anyone? Go to Spatola on Sunflower behind the South Coast Plaza. He does great work. I had a few suits jackets take in and pants recut there with excellent results. Last time I had him take out pleats in my suit pants and narrow them for $55. Jackets work is around $35.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff come see me i m in orange county. pm me and i will gives you my 'special hookups' that i allegedly dont have by someone who claims to know me. i haz alots. Hook me up with the info, brother
Can you suggest some brands that carry similar styles as below in a wider size? I have a fathead 55mm width and looking for some plastic frames with thin temple with the rivets. TIA
Quote: Originally Posted by LeaveMeASmile info on glasses please I'm interested too. Anyone?
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