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Bring back the Double rider Vest. Leather rolltop backpack. rolltop done well like this: Also zip wallets, I want one. And anything denim. T-3 in particular.
+ on the ma-1, construction is amazingly solid, and the lining is sex. I wear mine whenever it even looks like it will drizzle. I'm down for the lambskin daypack, I'll have to stop spending to save for it, but I will if theres more interest in a preorder.
Quote: Originally Posted by kelvinsense I can't save pictures from the graphr.toj site if you're trying to save the gallery photos right click on the photo borders.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one that was one of those samples with that placket flap. That jacket is a little different than the standard Bombers. I didn't even notice those small changes, but i felt like that was one of the best bomber pictures yet, now I know why. Need me some of that...
Quote: Originally Posted by cr1234 Can't remember if this was discussed, but do you offer any modifications to the shirts (e.g. no pocket, short sleeves, different buttons)? Does this fall under the MTM category? Yes. Yes.
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 How often did you wear your indigo's before problems developed? I rotate through many different pairs of jeans during the week and am easy on my clothing, so hopefully I'll be ok. I agree that the fit is amazing! My black KZOs are the best fitting jeans that I own. 2 weeks maybe before the darts started to come undone. (As for the blacks one dart seam has broken after 3 days wear) Maybe 2 or 3 months (daily...
Quote: Originally Posted by Vashin Yea those alexander wang basics look great on a girl... they do in fact look great (I'm assuming the quoted post was sarcastic) I like a girl in slouchy tshirts and baggy (but tapered) jeans, and a leather jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by aeglus One of the best peacoat fits was on a really short Asian guy, made him look really tall too. Just need extremely tapered trousers to go with it. Wasn't du like 5'7? Is that really short? If so then I guess I'm really really short.
jeans 250 shirts 80 sneakers 500 bags 500 tshirts 50 leather jackets 600
Quote: Originally Posted by BB1 I have the KZO denim in black and like them a lot. I have the kzo in both black and indigo. Indigo has the perfect taper, but the black seem so taper less or less gradually, they have a much baggier look at the ankle. I just got them and they will be hitting the tailor soon to make them look the way the indigo's do. The fabric on the blacks is really really nice, has a really good feel. The indigo feel like any...
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