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Had a flawless buying experience with Fashionsense. Great product and excellent service.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford Huskies! UW Husky fans rushed onto the field after the 16 -13 win over USC today.
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi hello all. i have come to report on my buying experiences for the week. rebel222 sold me my first two pairs of cashmere socks. worn them both now and they feel really nice. good stuff. furo sold me an RLPL shirt that i have seriously been looking for for over a year now but never found it in my size. many thanks! Maxten sold me two of the very best fitting polos that i own. for a ridiculously low price too. i...
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles I had one of my best (purchase) transactions yet with Maxten. Everything about it was perfect from the item to the service. thansk dude, you made my week =) Thanks, it is always a real pleasure dealing with FStyles--I highly recommend him as both a buyer and a seller.
Quote: Originally Posted by cheessus Hey I have a question. Where did you get these polos (in the US)? Did you just order them on their website? The only places I have seen Sunspel for sale have been directly from Sunspel and on Styleforum.
* Sold *
It has been sold, thanks.
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