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Quote: Originally Posted by Manton There may be a Brooklyn price and a Manhattan price. I pay the latter. Not complainin', my pants have all come out very good and he will go the extra mile to make things right. I'm curious, do you have your trousers lined? I've been considering having this done on my next pair.
I was in Magnolia Audio Video in Bellevue, WA and saw a display for an LCD TV mounted in a picture frame. Similar to the following: Here is Magnolia's site:
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar I went and bought a black ICON *thinker* a couple of hours after posting here. The largest ear loop seems to fit best. The noise cancellation is AMAZINGLY good. Drove with windows down and stereo cranked up....and they guy on the other end couldnt tell at all. Said there was a slight echo that vanished when i rolled the window back up. So far so good. Talk time is 4 hours...and if you press the button it speaks it out...
Huge price cut
Added Nagrani socks.
Prices dropped
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