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wrong size for me
can anyone recommend me a new jeans compared to APC ns: - longer front and back rise - longer inseam (a few inch) - same leg opening (7") maybe a little more room in thighs/knees (but not much) and/or a little smaller leg opening.
ok i'm gonna double check for size and let you know.
in where you from?
I made it lighter with sandpaper
I have a lovely pair of jeans. I bought two sizes and noticed something strange on both sizes at the crotch. the crotch was folded wrong. I didn't care and liked the jeans even though my fly was noticeable. see picture one. after a few washes the crotch is now shaped as seen in picture two. this fits much nicer but as you can see the washing did not hit this part of the jeans. my question is if someone has an idea how to make this dark blue stripe as unnoticeable as...
yes I think so, but I never see people blame the NS cut. they are already on the big side so sizing up is no option. I forgot to add I just received some 501 STF and they are great so far.
you seem to know a lot about rises. is it true APC NS has a weird rise? I wear my jeans low on the waist. they are my first raw's and about 2 years old but they never satisfied me that well. NS make me feel very skinny. even though they are not skinny jeans. I always blamed it on my skinny figure. 6" 150 pounds. but I was also thinking raw jeans has much less shape ('fit') then non raw jeans but I'm not sure if this is true. because I don't have this problem with non raw...
could you also measure the back rise?
can anyone recommend me some high rise, slim fit jeans. I like my apc NS but they (back)rise is way to short.
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