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Was the Caruso blazer altered, or are these original measurements? Thanks!
Any thoughts on the quality of Crate & Barrel's made in USA furniture? I like the idea of this sofa, and it fits our space perfectly. The price seems par for the course in the Crate & Barrel/Room & Board tier, and the fact that it's not made in China seems promising, but I'd love any feedback on price/quality (or design, if anyone has suggestions for something in a similar vein). EDIT: not thrilled about the stock upholstery, but I assume their custom options are decent.
What is the rise on the pants?
Beautiful! What is the front rise? How much material is there to let out in the hem?
Wow, thanks everyone for the detailed and thoughtful responses. Really appreciate it. RE: desktop v. laptop - I'd actually prefer to get a desktop for a number of reasons, but we have no place to put it in our current apartment, so it's really not an option right now.
Thanks for all the recommendations, everyone. I'm pretty much decided on a Lenovo, and the T-series looks like it fits my needs best. The 14.1-inch screen will probably be more comfortable than the 12.5-inch X230. I'm looking at the T430 and am wondering if anyone can weigh in on a couple options: 1) is the standard i3-2370M processor good enough, or is it worth and extra $30 for the i5-3210M processor (or $50 for the i5-3320M)? 2) 1366x768 display v. 1600x900 3) it's...
Thanks. My current laptop has a 14.1-inch screen and is about 5.5 lbs. The screen could be a bit smaller and I wouldn't mind, and a weight in the range of 5-6 lbs is not a problem.As far as price, I'd definitely like to spend less than $1k. If I could find something refurbished for around $500, that would be ideal.
I'm looking to buy a new laptop and turning to the forum for sage advice. We have pretty basic needs (MS Office, internet browsing, basic Photoshop, etc.). We don't do any gaming, watch just a little streaming video, and don't have any need for heavy-duty graphics/audio hardware. Our main requirements are pretty standard: 1) quick-ish startup and processing (we're upgrading from a Dell Latitude D610 laptop that I bought in January 2006, so our baseline is pretty low) 2)...
Drop to $300. EDIT: SOLD, thanks.
I've used this lightly (just around the house) for a little over a year and am selling now that I've replaced it with an iPad 2. It is in perfect condition and comes with the charger, and a case (the classic iPad case from Apple). This is the 32GB model with WiFi (not 3G). Plenty of storage for music, movies, etc. Price includes shipping CONUS (via USPS Priority) from Chicago. I'm happy to include signature, etc. upon request (at cost). Let me know if you have any...
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