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When I find myself in a hostile work environment with neck flexing alpha mules moving in for the "kill", one method that seems to work is to go into a Dissociative fugue. I say seems to work because I am not really sure what happens after that but when I regain a firm sense of awareness and self identity either the mules have moved on or I have - sometimes miles away.
One of the better covers of this often covered song. Heres one that is particularly powerful for those of us who have been close friends to a suicide.
The last one would have been more effective if it featured this guy. Although Yoda isn't that bad of a runner up.
If the words "Joy" and "happiness" had precisely the same meaning and differed in no way but spelling and pronunciation an English speaker might start a sentence expecting to use one of these words but when it came time in the sentence for this word to come out of his mouth the other would be just as likely to pop out and when and if it did there would be no sense of disruption or derailment in the conversation. In order to be sure which of the two words you would end up...
If he had named his cat Joy and Happiness you would have stifled your self evidently false objection and avoided all the uncomfortable tension you recklessly introduced into what should have been a joyous holiday encounter. Why do I think this? Because you are a clever and considerate man full of brainy reflection and whatnot.
I think you owe that man a dicture.
I have played Scientist And Robber once before. I don't recommend it I was Stephen Hawking and I wound up being robbed of my dignity.
I was duly amused, but shouldn't you be at the brewpub trying to close the deal with some confused undergraduate? Unless you are expecting to make the Singularity your time here is finite.
How about Nena?
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