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I'm of the same opinion, so it probably is low class.
WTF!!! When did Kwilk join ISIS?
Bruce Jenner did this. Oprah, and the usual suspects were all very supportive.
Lesbians are just better at giving tongue lashings I guess.
You were lucky. I have heard that judge Walleye can be very unforgiving.
Its artistic license. The manhole cover you can slide your head through is put to good use but not on the hobo.
Hobo With A Shotgun. The title alone is worth the rental. Simply sublime.
Try getting more fiber in your diet.
One of the Boston marathon bombers. It is just a sign of our troubled times that this guy is so popular he is known by just one name like Bono or Cher.
There are some angry, frustrated males here. You might take some flak but not too much. Classic Menswear is more polite and you will probably find the topics discussed more interesting. The person who posts under the screen name Javyn is a mentally disturbed women in her late 60's. You might get a bizarre exchange or two with her before you come to the same conclusion most of us have and just ignore her.
New Posts  All Forums: