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New member Herbert Turtledove is picking up where he left off.
This is the way to get it done alright. Whenever I approach a series of tasks with "mallets aforehead" I am frequently "stunned" by the amount of work I accomplish. (bloodied and disoriented).
I would be interested in seeing this also, if its not too much trouble. 32 is a pretty lengthy list.
I hope she got her cats back. (is assuming it was a she a micro-aggression?)
Place one can on your visitor chair and another on your desk. Problem solved.
I saw a movie with Peter North that featured a minute long facial. 90 minutes and you would run the risk of a nearly fatal case of prostatitis.
It probably also explains why there are Neiman Marcus "Last Call" stores, but I am a little unclear as to specifically why.
I dont know if you are familiar with the style forum member Bhowie, but he takes a great interest in this kind of detailed information. You might want to send him a PM.
Just a hunch, but you might find this brewpub to be more fertile ground than Neiman Marcus.
Your curiosity as to how this might be accomplished should have peaked right around the moment you were handed the locked briefcase.
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