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Pocketsquareguy level ticked off?
This is just disturbing.
Because there aren't very many of them left. If you don't shoot them now you may never get another opportunity.
I don't think a few days in church will be enough for Lasbar. It will have to be a full, traditional exorcism.
It will more likely be a persimmon, but I see what you are saying.
The blind leading the blind.
Listen to Harv... er Harold Falcon. Don't watch the third one. Seriously, don't even bother.I think the second one was even better than the first, but both are outstanding.
Is Bhowie as fat as Kyle?
Yes, what can I do for you?*Plus a wonderful action photo of Linc triumphantly engaging in the traditional "last Dance" that signals the end of all successfully organized academic conferences (the unsuccessful ones end in hair pulling and face scratching). You really have to be bold to select capri pants for this, but as we all know, Linc has the philosopher stones to pull it off. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: