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An oldie but a goodie.
This guy probably has $50,000 in CC debt. Something wrong with his head (Cerebro). [[SPOILER]]
I added a word. I think it makes the post even creepier. What do you think? can you spot the word addition?
Don't worry, Linc. All it will take is being on the losing end of a few childhood games of cornhole and these kids exaggerated sense of self importance will dissolve like the delicate facial features of a vain but pretty afghan school girl doused in acid.
In addition they should want to teach the world to sing or at the very least convince them to purchase a specific brand of soft drink.
Its the "feel good" story of the year! http://totalfratmove.com/guy-goes-to-mexico-to-kill-himself-spends-week-doing-coke-and-banging-hookers-decides-to-keep-living/
Now that you mention it, in hindsight, you are right. Its pretty cheeky of them to do that. Link, you are just full of asstute observations.Heres an observation of my own as it relates to the human haunch. [[SPOILER]]
New member Herbert Turtledove is picking up where he left off.
This is the way to get it done alright. Whenever I approach a series of tasks with "mallets aforehead" I am frequently "stunned" by the amount of work I accomplish. (bloodied and disoriented).
I would be interested in seeing this also, if its not too much trouble. 32 is a pretty lengthy list.
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