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I think its a toss up, rnoldh. I think the sex was a lot more fun. Certainly a lot safer. You are right, though, the Carter years had to be lived through to be believed. If things don't turn around for Obama he may become the new Carter. His activities totally ignored and his memory either scorned or pitied by all.
Maybe not, but according to that map there is a strong correlation between man-eat-dog cultures and corruption.
The difference is never established. Is it facial hair? Access to advanced weaponry? What? Also, I count 32 books including the one in his hand. I can't read the spines, but one look at this guy tells me there are probably a few anime titles and an "authorized" star trek novel or two. Not exactly the library at Alexandria.
How about, "Yes, it is very blue, but not as blue as my balls after an unsuccessful Hucklebuck." After all, you do have tenure. You can pretty much say whatever you want (be less inhibited vocally).
I made love to a woman for $300 once. Well...I guess it wasn't really love.
Pocketsquareguy level ticked off?
This is just disturbing.
Because there aren't very many of them left. If you don't shoot them now you may never get another opportunity.
I don't think a few days in church will be enough for Lasbar. It will have to be a full, traditional exorcism.
It will more likely be a persimmon, but I see what you are saying.
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