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Try getting more fiber in your diet.
One of the Boston marathon bombers. It is just a sign of our troubled times that this guy is so popular he is known by just one name like Bono or Cher.
There are some angry, frustrated males here. You might take some flak but not too much. Classic Menswear is more polite and you will probably find the topics discussed more interesting. The person who posts under the screen name Javyn is a mentally disturbed women in her late 60's. You might get a bizarre exchange or two with her before you come to the same conclusion most of us have and just ignore her.
Did they at least leave the N word scrawled on your cup? In the grand scheme of things this kind of dialogue is more important than a few extra sips of coffee, Mr Selfish.
After reading the first sentence of your post I got excited because I thought your story was going to be about reincarnation. Turns out it was about having dinner. Not that it was a bad story. Just not as spooky cool as I thought it was going to be.
Why don't you slip a directly aggressive piece of poisoned bacon under the door? Mr Barky will devour the evidence and then lay down and have a terminal tummy ache.
once while in the drive thru of a jack In the Box I ordered a supreme croissant which I identified to the bored teenager taking my order as a supreme Kwa-saa. Almost immediately it occurred to me that I have no fucking clue how the French pronounce "croissant". I felt like a Francophonie but the tastiness of the sandwich and the teenagers clear indifference to my clumsy attempt to rise above my linguistic limits soothed my shame.
A lot of blind guys have an interest in this topic. They don't like falling to the surface any more than you do.
Just one, but it was The Secret. It totally changed my life. Can you honestly say that about The Wire?
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