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Hello Sir marcodalondra well, I'm out of this round for the past years, and I repeat all (all) of my "customers" are happy ... my only ingenuity in conducting my business, and it's too much to follow my passion... unlike others, I have turned my passion into a business world .. so, now you can talk about me and how I conduct my business,but believe me, I work for HOnG Kong-Tokyo-Seoul-Osaka-hannover-amsterdam-Honululu-los-angeles-new york toronto, and have two showrooms,...
Matt and I have come to an agreement about this problem to both our satisfaction. Also it is not a good idea to be drinking too much sake and having jetlag and being angry at 2am and then writing on styleforum, it leads to regrettable mistakes like calling Matt an 'oval head'.... Sorry! Salvatore
in Japan 30% of the population speaks also Italian, and my spoken English and good enough
after 10 days in Asia continue to have the timezone
and what I wanted to do from the first moment, but to stop this man, I had to resort to drastic ways and bad education
Dear Matt, I want to do a fitting for you in New York when I am there and will remake the pants with the same fabric at my cost.  I would like for you to bring the following pants for me to examine: 1) the very first pair of trousers I made for you and that you wrote about in your blog 2) the trousers that we made in Napoli with adjustments that you said fit perfectly 3) the 9 trousers that you say are all mistakes. Please let me know if you agree. Salvatore I...
This email was sent and after having sent 6 email to matt, and telling him that you want to repay the full amount of the damage ... but he continued to write after bad on me .. then I realized that he did not want the new pants, but only make me nervous
as said t4 page, both me and him, we tried to call .. but does not answer ... t4 a page called him five minutes ago and he still does not respond ..
I'm sorry, but now I'm in Osaka (Japan) and I only have my iphone ... but if you want more information you can ask two of your members 1) t4 phage ---- 2) empty ... my many emails have always been attached to their email .. then the story must be like and ... the email matt Fan has no regulation (at the end) which prohibits the turn or shows the same people for profit etc. .. because a business email. but soon make a list of the 12 apologetic email I sent to him .. and...
ok now put back your email with the date of December, when I sent you the first email of apology ... not as clear
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