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Edward Green City Boots for Asprey in Burgundy made on the 202 Last. Clearing my closet, haven't worn these in a couple of years. Sorry-No box, No bags, no shoe trees. Listed them on eBay
I'm not sure about the comparison between the Brarrie and the Plaza. Here is a link from Alden of Carmel on fitting:
Great Two Tone shoes. These are also a half size too large for me, worn maybe 5 times. I didn't have many occasions to wear them. There is scuffing on the toes. $225 shipped. Found the bags and box. No shoe trees. Listed them on ebay:
Got these a while back and need to clean my closet. I have worn these several(10) times and they are a size too big for me. There is a slight scuffing on the toes of shoes. Includes bags and box. No shoe trees. I tried to include enough pics, and can include more on request. Alden Plaza Wingtip Boot in Cigar Shell 9 1/2 from Leather Soul $525 shipped.
I don't usualy like loafers, but these are kinda cool. I would consider them if they were smaller. Besides the price is right at $50. I am still hunting for a pair of cordovans. Do you think these would be okay with blue jeans and a suit?
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday I'm surprised that the black Camdens outpaced the Mackays. I'm watching a pair of Camdens now with a very low bid. Still a good bit of time left in the auction, though. I believe this is because most men feel that a black/dark shoe is more versatile in their wardrobe than brown. I see this a lot: gray trousers-black shoes, olive trousers-black shoes, brown trousers-black shoes. I remember seeing a ...
My two favorite: The first is WINTER from Stephen Wingeter, a poet from Atlanta, it is an acrostic and it captures perfectly that period from fall to winter. When the sun came out after a seven day rain It was mandated by Pheobus to have lunch in the park and partake in this gain Nakedness had started to come over the trees, and a gentle breeze blew Tulip trees let go their leaves, and it snowed a storm of color whose beauty I never knew Everyone was gone, and...
I've never been to fond of the monk-strap or loafer. I have odd shaped feet and they never seem to fit properly. BUT, What do you think about these....
These might make a great rainy day shoe. Pice is pretty low at $132.50. With 1h 30min left. John Lobb Size 8
Hello All, What do you think about these shoes? Santoni Shell Cordovan? Are these a true shell cordovan or a cordovan color? How does one tell? I ask because I am thinking about bidding, since I don't own any cordovan shoes. Santoni Shell Cordovan Size 8D- But based on measurements seems closer to a 9?
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