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Lol I see Francis' shadow
Yes, thank you^. Phone postin'
If anybody is thinking about it but worried that it's 100% polyester, it's actually a thick, rubbery, water resistant fabric. I have the long coat in the same material and I really like it.
They had it at Aloha Rag, Forward/Revolve, and somewhere on Farfetch so it's very possible
@jwalterweather The Walter Coat from 2011, usually see it in black
Spring tiiiiiiiiime!
Oh okay, I was just making sure haha I'd want to try them on first, or have the option to return so I don't think I'd risk proxying
Err, there's no way to pay in CAD when shipping to the US though, is there?
Oh weird, I'd rather have had long ones but I've oddly never seen any 44 mesh tanks in Japan anyway.
I'm guessing the 100% cotton one is the longer one? And did you maybe get it from @artishard116?When he got one from the sample sale and said it was really long I figured something was up
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