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Pretty sure the illusion shirt is on the small side, along with the random dotI was mistaken, Vogue made them look black but they do come in blue, red, and charcoal. Probably the blue ones in the show with the sleeping bag coat. So I guess it's more accurate on NowFashionEdit: also just noticed that the Sean pants and Robert pants both look like the hems are folded inside themselves so they look cropped but I'm pretty sure neither of them are
Which look? The yellow ones are cotton/modal and come in dark khaki tooSorry I guess that's unrelated but the ones on SSense are officially "sweat pants" and were in the show in red and black
It's basically identical to the SS11 long belt that RG wears all the time, just with a different tip. I wouldn't say shoe lace. All my RG belts are that width
Oh...good luck with that, he rarely makes them. There were a few from SS13 on yahoo some time last year, maybe the only one since that AW11 studded sample that was floating around
I wish they came in non-patent...I don't think I need two pairs of weird patent shoes Also Occulta there are long belts on Zozo
Metropolis* yeah
Right, there were neoprene gauntlets and leggings, as well as faux leather shorts SS13
Barney's carried it, in store only, it's real leather and shearling
I sometimes wonder if he has stopped focusing on knits because whenever there were good ones they never sell till 50%+ off It's a bummer that they're always MIC now but I can understand why I have several great ones, and several more I wish I would have gotten/could find had this in black, have it in white now never saw this anywhere, kinda boring I guess but it's something I'd wear this is much better irl, have it in black got this in the khaki have this...
New closet almost fits all my hanging RG
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