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I'd strongly consider it if it was a 46 ha
yeah @tonio028, correct
SS12^ I ended up with 2 pairs of the AW12 ones for some reason, they are skinnier than the SS version and with different detailing, but I don't really find them hard to wear Here's my Pierre shirt, size up 1. Sorry for not shaving, I know it's grotesque
Size up!
AW16 Richard Coat and GRAUEN HERREN tee are up on Zozo
Not worth the hassle dude, the most noticeable difference would be like .75" between shoulders and sleeve length combined. And besides that you'd be better off with a 46 in your bombers and richards as well in my opinion
I'm firmly against sizing down on almost anything, but here's a comparisonSz 46 vs sz 50 on the same guy so you're probably right that one size won't make much difference
Too big for me, I bought them again in 39 lol
@msg navy, dark grey, and sand
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