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Answered your PM, my bad
If anyone is waffling on the track shoes, just do it. They're so good They dropped to 50% at SSense today I already have the grey/orange low top version from the spring and the black hi tops still blew my mind when they arrived this morning.
I was given 3 crates of records today, and that was in there lol
All Geller as usual
44s are generally around 15.5" acrossthe legs can be extremely skinny depending on the season and fabric
No, this isBut I'm sure @keanswon and @novaliss know who the other dude is too
It says 14" waist unstretched and 6" hem... >
SS13, I have never seen one before
Nope, that is sepia white and it's made of cottonAlso it may be quite short
Ah haha. Pretty sure he was wearing Clarks dbs when I met him
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