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Does the Robert shirt fit pretty small? Seems to be the case for that type of thing the past couple seasons
Nope, gotta be from 07 or 08. Definitely old
Tencel flight pants
Whoops, my bad. I thought he was talking about the leather jacket for some reason
Yeah it did! LolYeah, they're a lot more straight. Nothing like the ones from more recent seasons
One of my favorites! Unfortunately I don't have any good or recent pics, just thisI like to wear it over a tank, open or with just the 2 middle buttons done
Maybe I should buy it back...hahaYou can fold the leg up inside itself, or jusy cut it. The hem isn't finished anywayReal small, as stated^. I had it and it was kind of awkward for me.
Sz 50 khaki zip blazer for, um, $30 http://page6.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/f150998547
Easy pants. One of my biggest regrets...
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