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All Geller w/CP boots
Different color! I have that one. It's my favorite of the three for sure.I'll be taking some photos with it sometime soonCharcoal body w/ gray stripevsKhaki body w/ charcoal stripeandBlack body w/ charcoal stripe
^SS13 and AW13
Yeah I do, but I pretty much bought them to wear with these jeans and it works out okay. Maybe I'll try the type 3 sometime.I was hoping to wear them with the Luca pants but the hem is way too small on the 44 :/
5 yr fade from ss11
Thanks! Yeah 44, it's big, and long no sorry, just thinking out loud that this one would have been a nice touchedited for huge photo
here's a bit of overkill [[SPOILER]]
RG, RG, RG, RG, & RGxCP Should have gone for the long belt...
I've got em, I'll take some pics tomorrow
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