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Flannels in pink and grey and some sweats are up at 7-store http://www.7-store.net/?mode=cate&cbid=226109&csid=0 They've posted photos of the Chess print shirts and some other stuff on FB etc. but not online yet
If you look closely at the pics on SSense the hem is folded inside itself, same with Sean pantsThey were cropped last fall but this year they're not
I always size up 1 or 2 and sometimes cut the hem off, I've always thought they got too long at SS13Same with sweatshirts, there is no wrong wayPS: Blue Clasp Bomberhttp://global.rakuten.com/en/store/loopstyle/item/608186/Same shop has a Dominik jacket in 48
A pair of black track shoes from ss14 in 41 for a pretty good price: http://www.boo-bee.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=225644
The Vincent Parka looks good there, I wish East Dane had nice photos of the charcoal version like that
I got sz 40 like all my CPs and they're fine, but if you're one of those people that wears like a 42 in Achilles and 43 in side zips or dress shoes or whatever then I would go with the bigger sizeEdit: sorry I skipped the bball part, but yeah you had it right. I don't really need to size up in the Combats but people that are on that verge probably should
Acrimony added the Boucle Sweater in black
Just got them in. A small warning, they fit noticeably, and look visually narrower than my rubber soled combats from a few seasons ago.If you wear different sizes in CPs it's probably better to go with the bigger one
More stuff at SSense too, Massimo Bomber and Coat, a vest and the textured sweatshirt The coat looks very nice
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