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It was a 46
Did anyone on here get that cream robo sweater that was on Rakuten? Never knew there was anything besides black
Pretending it's not cold and rainy out today so I can play with my new toys
Haha, good to know I would definitely try a pair in 44 if I could find them
Warehouse doesn't take returns
Nope, these are the engineer pants No one else got those at Barney's anywhere in the world that i know of Engineers are cropped, Barney's has these
You're sooo fucking annoying
The bleached ones uh, I got them, they were really excessively roomy in the top area, I hot washed and dried them and they fit about the same as the usual skinny cut now, like the sepias and stuff. I kind of liked the slightly less skinny legs which I lost by shrinking them, but the top block was bad, so bad. Might be good for other people, but did not work for me at allI can't really vouch for those motos, but I believe they are indeed more of a slim type rather than a...
^Full size run of the Illusion shirt and Ribbed Hem shirt too, both of which I thought were pretty cool As well as bleached jeans and black moto jeans East Dane snuck this and a few other things in at some point
Huh....same design as the past two seasons, just in a weird two-tone
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