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I think they're cool in the right context, I'd most likely look like a dork in themBut stating your opinion and telling someone else "what they rather" are different things. Your authoritative tone is off puttingWoman by CP had the creepers last seasonAlso
It's too late man, people already bought them! If only you'd been here earlier to guide them...
Just noticed the email today, but FromJapan is doing 15% off Rakuten purchases until the 18th. Good deal for Rakuten sellers that don't ship international, or combining orders from multiple sellers
I got the Ladder Tank today (from Logan up there), quite pleased with it The Charcoal has got the ol' Geller purple/gray thing going They are tagged S/M/L and I think I can say pretty confidently that the S fits like 44 would. It's pretty slim on me
Nope, as far as I know all you can do is email :shrug:
"From FW13: RG Blazer, Vest, Trouser (3-piece suit), textured wool vest, metropolis tee shirt, lang tee shirt, illusion tee shirt, two tone coat, plaid lang shirt (in green or purple), metropolis trouser, stripe collarless shirt, mohair combo cardigan, metropolis sweater, rg c cp boot From SS14: printed patch zipper hoodie, S/S Baseball shirt, Tencil Bomber jacket, All This will fly t-shirt (red), chambray shorts, Lazlo Hat, Randolph Sunglasses (one left), RG x CP track...
Yes, green looks way betterNooo plzzzzz, that sweatshirt looks great. Just not with those pants
Cut off 2 pairs of cotton/linen Engineer Pants into shorts today. I'm ready for it to be warm
Yooooooo I know about the denim tux
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