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I wouldn't beat yourself up yet, the beige/light grey one from SS16 is super nice looking too
Here's some names for pieces I was interested in Daniel Zippered Coat Raphael Flight Pant Massimo Bomber Robert Pant Embroidered August Coat (non embroidered version elsewhere in the show) Textured DB Blazer Giorgio Coat Stone Print Tee Raphael Flight Pants again Garment Dyed Cape lol Zipper-Pocket Sweatpant Sean Jacket (another piece named for a member here) Garment Dyed Vest Garment Dyed Bomber Sean Pant Vincent Cadet Pant Cupro Zipper Shirt
Same as last fall in different colors. The derbies have grosgrain seat belt-looking straps
The collarless blazer is furry, I would guess it's still called Jerome The stylist is yujitakenaka on IG
The show is tomorrow @Dbear
Yeah I agree, ever since AW13 or so it seems like there is purposely not enough fabric to facilitate closing it without being stretched across the chest
Well then I'm glad I'm finally decided to grab it before you did! Very happy with it
Are we looking at the same photo? It looks tight to me. Personally I would even go for a size bigger. Anyway just cuff the sleeves once or twice if the length bothers you Speaking of Richards here's another awful photo
Yeah I mostly wanted to illustrate again that that's what this was, it's pretty much the same garment, but the ss15 one was called a robe
Stripe "coat"If I could have gotten the shirt in this fabric I would have kept it but I think this is going back.It's a bit too long (it's a size up for me, maybe 44 would be better but there is no such thing) and there's pockets pretty low so not much room for alterationIt's not a coat at all, fabric is very thin, like a stiff shirt fabric and printed on one side. Not lined or anything.
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