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Yezz thx u
I tried to WAYWT but this is all I could come up with
I think it's great as is
Is the mobile site doing this to anyone else today?
I had a pair of the ss11 long ones that had been hemmed to around the length of the cropped version. Take the ribbing off, shorten the leg, probably taper it a little and put the ribbing back on.But it is still a weird thing to specify.
TBS stock is showing correctly now if anyone didn't think to check again. Picked up the officer boots, not missing them again this year I've also had a lot of luck finding deals on CPs, like two different pairs of white bballs for $120 each.
There is no black, only navy and charcoal. Everything looked black in the runway show cause it was all back lit
Exciting stuff hitting Anture right now, that leather sleeved coat, the tri color coat in both colors, the furry blazer, CP boots, fuzzy sweater w/ zipper pocket, and tri color sweaters
Oh, no actually I forgot there were polka dot ones layered under stuff in the FW12 show but those never saw the light of day
This is only the 2nd one that has existed, and the shorter one for SS15 will be number 3Unless I've missed something
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