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I was kind of worried about them when I ordered, but they far exceeded my expectations and I love em
Thanks edThat's my preference as wellGeller brush stroke from ss13, comes in a gray print also, and in long and short sleeves
Geller and Geller by Scosha, nothing too exciting
Sweatpants version
There are sometimes more regular cuts, like the bucklebacks but they usually don't get produced But next spring there will be the all new denim program so who knows what will be available then
I found a pair of these so now I have RGxCPs from SS11, FW11, FW12, SS13, FW13, and SS14
I wore mine a ton last winter, I want a second one
I don't really know what I can tell you that you can't tell with your own eyes and hands when it arrives. You are correct, it's the same thing just not washed. And that one has a little padding Anture put up more stuff, some of the lighter coats and jackets
What do you wanna know?It's from FW12
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