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5-zip looks way, way better
Get the 46...
Yeah, definitely have never seen one for sale in the USHaha nah I wish
Robert Geller AW14 Newton Coat, but in black Nylon, wool, and leather
New stuff at SSense!
Not the one you're talking about, but...get it anywayhttp://www.strada-est.com/fs/items/MTRG13A4236-D
AW12, similar to the SS12 one I posted above. Maybe heavier, but yeah it comes with that washed lookI like how mine fits tts, sometimes I prefer to size up in RG sweatshirts but this one is fine in 44. Take from that what you willThat coat, I believe is actually a collab with com2onscode, and made by them rather than the usual RG productionI get almost everything from Yahoo! Japan and Rakuten
Yeah and the cupro lining probably helps too. The Lukas Trench retailed for 100,000 jpy@Ragechester nice pickup. I neglected to bid on one last night that went for criminally cheap -.-
Absolutely I will once they're dryHere's a before of the ss14 though for nowAnd for kicks, a hoodie I got recently.Aaand finally tracked down this stripe shirt to complete this.That's the other leather I washed, not that you can see much.
Just took my AW13 and SS14 leathers for a bath.
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