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Oh weird, I'd rather have had long ones but I've oddly never seen any 44 mesh tanks in Japan anyway.
I'm guessing the 100% cotton one is the longer one? And did you maybe get it from @artishard116?When he got one from the sample sale and said it was really long I figured something was up
There's no extra seams or anything, that's just how they sit
Thanks Brad, I do really like this coat. Yeah the snaps are hidden when you close it
I guess this isn't closed yet, and it happens to fit, so
Geller & CPs
Naw @OccultaVexillum pretty sure that's an ss10 dip dye and ss14 Richard pants
Their buy is looking very SS12
@needhelp123 2 versions, as you noted the long one has a strap collar as well as dock sleeves like this I haven't seen it anywhere
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