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AHEM I still wear MJK underwear thank you, and I did have a few of those flathead shirts but I probably did buy/sell them all on sufu
It's the Bomber Shirt, Acrimony had it in navy/charcoal
Got a big box from Japan yesterday with a Geller suit, ss13 navy pajama shirt, the fw14 flannel in gray and red, and my new favorite shirt. The back is khaki and it has a ribbed band across the bottom
I think that's already overkill, if you'd really rather have bball lows than Achilles then get those, sell the Achilles thenA. sell the black bballs and get something else blackOrB. sell the navy ones and forget about it haha
Wow I didn't expect the Dominik stuff to be wool, especially 100%. Nice Hope lots of places get the coat in tan rather than navy though
Whaddaya know No 44s of course
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Y'all prob'ly ain't even got a instagram tag
I just got some faux leather shorts in the mail, action shot!!!! All Geller,
tenor sax
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