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O rly
He did it to me too a couple months ago, changed his name since then but same location. Probably wise to set up saved searches on ebay for brands that you're selling on grailed :/Mine was funny cause besides stealing my photos and description word for word I'm pretty confident that I have the only one of the item in that size on this continent so there was no chance of it being even semi legit.I half hoped someone would buy it from him so I could have the satisfaction of...
Mmm nah, maybe February, maybe AprilI would not count on the hidden placket blazer being produced, and it's anyone's guess as to which jackets will be available. Usually the more plain ones so probably not that one but maybe :shrug: good luck
There are bigger photos here http://hommemodel.blogspot.com/2014/09/runway-robert-geller-ss15.html?m=1 It's probably safe to assume the first one is a richard, but it's never really been made in a color or texture like that. There's black, navy, and grey this season in a wool blend That black blazer has a button on it and a hidden placket, that's new Hard to tell much of what's going on with the zippers and snaps on the third one but it's definitely new too
Take a photo before I leave- light sucks Take a photo when I get home- light sucks worse but at least I shaved my neck
Big ol' fw09 Geller cardigan Wool/alpaca
It was a 46
Did anyone on here get that cream robo sweater that was on Rakuten? Never knew there was anything besides black
Pretending it's not cold and rainy out today so I can play with my new toys
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