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@1up the sleeves look fine to me and it looks good open. If I had one complaint it would be that the body looks small when zipped
It looks pretty damn slim and short to meNot saying there are any around, but I got a black one in 48 and love it as much if not more than my yellow 44. Ymmv but I think we're probably similar size
Might be because Via Bus Stop does production now instead of Playjobs (check out SS15 tags) I guess they were slow as usual last season, but I'm not complaining about earlier drops The Robert suit at Ssense looks great Zozo has the Richard stuff too, some 2nds, hats, and suspenders Also iirc @keanswon told me that Robert designed the fabric himself for the Richard stuff this time around
Maas & Stack had some drops to 50% today, and new stuff added to the sale
Yeah fits the same as always to meslightly narrow toe like the aw11 side zips, aw12 chelseas, etcI just got them recently but I haven't had any problem wearing them casually with whatever, black jeans, faux leather pants, black cropped flight pants, RichardsI want to take some photos but my gf filled my WAYWT spot with plants haha
I did it, and I do not regret
@eglbc Haider Ackermann I think? He's mentioned them in interviews ha
@OccultaVexillum tan suede, black suede, black leather
I will say the number that got printed is not accurate, but it steadily grows...
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