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Happy Friday!
Thanks @Mojo1990 It's an overgrown mess tho! @nsubrmnn they're CP winter combats
Just this one from the SF instagramMeant to post it here at some point anyway place I know of so far
For whatever reason, KNYEW put the brand new Otto jacket and Paul knit shirt in their spring cleaning sale, so 50% off. Code at the top of the page And they already price below retail Also lol: "Model is wearing a size 48 (Height 5'8", Weight 110 lbs)"
no such thing as XL even if you doSad to see the M is sold out already
Nope, black only comes with black
10% off at Acrimony tomorrow if anyone is planning on picking up the pink Casper
Black with a turquoise strap
SSense put up a whole lot of (black) stuff
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