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Not saying it's worth the risk on something you can't return, but I'm pretty sure both of you are taller than me and could easily get away with a lot more stuff in 46 and 48 than you think @WBaker @flowcharts You could probably just cuff the sleeves on that stand collar jacket and be good to go That coat with the Massimo straps looks amazing, there was a matching bomber too:
@WBaker the olive oiled coat was the one thing from the show I definitely knew I wanted Common and CNTRBND both still have some insane deals, I got the magenta bomber for $220 USD shipped and I think they still have a 50. Both have awesome prices on Vincent parkas, long plaids, the fuzzy pullover, the crazy belt for like $50 etc
Ha weird, I live in Ohio and just happened to be at downtown Seattle Nordstrom right around the time you made this post. Tried on the new track shoes
Yooooou and me both, I shipped 65 lbs
I like Vogue's darker photos:
There's 2
No, the "shirt" in the runway show was just the robe tucked all the way into the pants
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