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No,it didn't get produced. That's the only one I've ever seen, I think it came from YJP before it ended up on ebayWe talked about it back in dec if you want to check back to it, but I don't think there was much more info than that
It's cotton from ss13
I tried one on yesterday at NMWA I like it a lot, especially in that color. And this is a size up Also everyone there is super cool obviously
@Francks I know a couple but they're sold out, probably had like 1 each. I'll keep my eyes peeled
This jacket in 48 http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/ragtag/item/r2100328039466/
Geller & CPs
Lol I see Francis' shadow
Yes, thank you^. Phone postin'
If anybody is thinking about it but worried that it's 100% polyester, it's actually a thick, rubbery, water resistant fabric. I have the long coat in the same material and I really like it.
They had it at Aloha Rag, Forward/Revolve, and somewhere on Farfetch so it's very possible
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