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When on sale, RL Custom-Fit. I prefer them over BB because of the fabric and softer collar. I still have quite a few BB Slim Fit shirts that I wear, but I'm not in love with the non-iron fabric.
[/quote] Ain't i clean, bad machine Super cool, super mean
I have tried on the Milano and found the rise to be too low. The Clark was better, but in the end I purchased the Jcrew Bowery pant.
JCREW Bowery gets my vote.
Price drop, asking 275.00
Quote: Originally Posted by gaseousclay most of the comments i've read about BB slim fit shirts is that they still fit like a tent Depends on your build. I think they fit pretty good. I also like RL Black Label.
Price drop - 299.00
Brand New Peal & Co. Algonquin Pebble Grain. Dark Brown. 10 ½ D. Goodyear welt construction. Leather soles (I'm pretty sure they are double leather soles). Made in England. 99% sure these are made by Crockett & Jones on the 325 last. Never worn, only tried on the carpet. I received a good deal on these because of a Brooks Brothers pricing mistake. Unfortunately they do not fit me. I thought I would post them for sale before I take them back to the store in the next...
This might not be a bad deal..§ionsize=
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