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staff is same as any other corporate establishment. prices are quite high. basically holt is that really popular overpriced restaurant. if you want a cozier nook just go to nomad or (j+o i guess)
only l
^shoutout to them. only worthwhile shop in ottawa.
nitty gritty 30% for kimmel, cps, gitman, cool fair isles and nanamica products and a cheap ass wwm sportsman and of course, rodengray starts now
oipolloi now up to 50% and added selection all out of my size and goddamnit
coggles has shit on sale probably the lowest i've seen cabourn on sale
i tried the krane on in real life and it's amazing. fuck the haters, that's just krane's style
mountaineering 'trend' has been going on for quite some time the socks sold out on havenshop too quickly also check out bedwin which is also sold at haven
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