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Wait, what?
SoCal, who's the babe with the legs?
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey I can't comment on the practical value, but I enjoy throwing my worn jeans in the corner and telling my wife that under no circumstances can those jeans be washed. "You're not allowed to wash them for at least six months." The look of disgusted contempt is what makes marriage worthwhile. While you type this, she's doing the laundry. Sorry about your luck.
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRyanWallace No love for my Thom Browne fit? I actually liked that one more than the top 5.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet ^There's a thread in OT for that homey. I wouldn't brag about a hyundai there either.
Quote: Originally Posted by joel_954 Time for a new gf then?? Or pony up for the good stuff.
^^Why, what did he say?
/joke about fuuma and brand synergy LOL
^^ you have a cool name. And I like your fit. Great shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by justtemple I'm torn between the gent in the John Deer hoodie and the young lady in the white belt... ...soooo you're going to have to give me a clue here. Mmmmk? Thx. Definitely the white belt. Look at the whisker fades!
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