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how do the drivers fit? Im at 10.5 normally
I love vaja cases! I have one for my iphone and the screen in the bottom covering speaker started to come out and they replaced the whole case for me for free! The cases are great quality and the customer service is amazing if you have a bold this is a great case for it!
any word on goyard accessories? or would they consider that women's accessories?
what's the sleeve length on the white/blue hickey?
how do the shoes fit?
how do the tods loafers fit? and mind posting a few more picks? thanks
How do the sperry's run? My shoe size is 10.5
can you please tell measurements on the versace white shirt please? at least the arm length. thanks
how much would you want for the shoes?
hello everybody! i was just wondering what you guys thought on giorgio armani sunglasses? are they a good brand to buy? like do they hold up well and what not? what brands would you suggest if not ga? i was looking a these ones: i really like them. what do you think? thanks.
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