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Quote: Originally Posted by Timbaland Can you be more specific? What color do you want? I saw beige and black in other sizes. Ok. Did you see any Theory Marlo pants in a size 29 - 30 in black?
I would be interested in theory pants, a slim fit, size 30
what size do you normally wear and pics? I'm a 10.5
i know it's sold but who is the trench by? thanks
measurements on 13 please
none of the pictures are working
any 30s?
I need a pair of slim black/ grey dress pants in a size 29- 30. I normally wear a 29. Also a shirt that would match a navy & gold tie. Sleeve length 36 from middle of neck.
how slim are the tweed pants?
Any 30s? white and grey or maybe a houndstooth? thanks!
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