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O.M.G. I want.
Looking for Hive Modern, Yliving, olighting, etc. Somewhere in the $300 value range.
Saw them on Convoy
Skip Century 21. It's crowded, dirty, and the clothes are garbage. They also don't let you bring drinks in, which is annoying. In terms of clothing shopping, I would check out TopMan at Broadway and Broom. Decent stuff, great fits; although you have to look at the tag to see what's in it. They use a lot of synthetics in their cheaper stuff ($50 dress pants for example are 100% synthetic most of the time). And while you're in the area check out Opening Ceremony which...
I wish those were my size.
I'm looking for a pair of double monks, size 10.5 in brown. If anybody has a pair they are willing to part with, hit me up. Also I need some very slim khakis, any color really, size 29 waist, long. (topman-esq skinny fit)
Those are so sick.
Would these fit 10.5-10?
What kind of deal can you get on the shoes?
Is that a scratch in the last pick? Also case?
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