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Ralph Lauren Darlton Loafer, a forum favorite, made by Crocket & Jones. Size 9.0 D. Fits 9.0 true to size if worn with thin or no socks. I only wore these twice and they were worn by another forum member a few times. Excellent condition. Selling since they do not fit me, too tight. Heel and toe taps have been installed. Asking $270 shipped in US, Paypal personal only.
Time for some new aldens...thanks to leather soul. Simple but classy, I love the plaza last:
Sorry forum police, didn't realize it was that strict around here, I was just trying to answer the question so everyone is clear on sizing. Price has been dropped. For comparison I Have quoddy boat shoes in size 9d, which fit me and are considered basically true to size. These loafers seem to fit true to size, in that the 9.5s are a bit big on me.
This is not correct. These fit true to size with thin socks or bare feet. That's why I am now selling them. I wear a 9D in aldens and these loafers are too long even with socks.
Quote: Originally Posted by A.L.Z. To add to Quoddy size pandemonium, you now have Tres Bien shop telling to "size up 1/2 or 1 size" because "they run small". Just got mine from tres bien - I wear quoddy boat shoes in 9 and normal Alden lasts 9D - got the beef roll penny loafers in 9.5D and they seem right. Definetly not tight - sizing up an entire size would not be reasonable, but a half size seems perfect in these.
Quote: Originally Posted by PorterInjax Beautiful shoes! What sole, last and edge trim on these? Double leather sole, Barrie last, natural edge trim (I think)
Ive wanted these shoes for was finally time to suck it up and order them. Thanks to Adam at Alden of Carmel for the super fast service, I ordered sunday and got them Tuesday. Here are the virgin pictures...they will only be virgin until tomorrow
Quote: Originally Posted by enigma77 Look nice; plaza last is always a good choice. How are you finding the black kidskin? They appear to have taken a brighter shine than in Tom's pics on the blog (no offense Tom). The kidskin is is a very subtle pattern and you hardly see it unless you look closely. It also creases a bit more then typical Alden calf. I just had shined them up, so they look pretty damn nice
Austerlitz brogues after a few wears:
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