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Bump. $75 shipped.
It's a size 4
Hey, So I purchased this on this forum maybe 3-4 years ago and honestly wore this jacket 8-10 times since then. The original seller mentioned that his friend bought it at the Moncler sample sale, but could not verify the receipt, therefore he was selling it at a reduced price ($175) because it was still a nice jacket. I am doing the same, not stating that it is authentic, as I cannot 100% guarantee this. From my minimal knowledge, it looks legitimate, but who knows...
Bump, price drop to $150!
Bump, price drop!
Price drop to $200. Still available.
Bump. Still for sale. Not worn since original posting.
Bumping this back up. I have not worn it since this original posting.
Painted mids were on Yoox, I purchased the last pair. Eur 45.
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