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Sam Adams Chocolate Bock
Turkey cooked on a rotisserie on a charcoal grill with natural unprocessed charcoal after being brined overnight in a solution of water, salt, brown sugar and your choice of flavoring agents (ie black pepper, garlic, bay leaf...) Sweet Potatoes baked till soft, removed from skins and mashed with butter and brown sugar to taste (I think it usually turns out to be a stick of butter and a cup of bs for every 4 sweet potatoes
I prefer to coordinate silver metals with black leathers (I know - OCD). This came from an earlrer thread on this subject, and would allow for easy use of both combinations.
Take two of these and post us in the morning
Seems the typical reply concerning the made in Italy polos is that they are made by whatever manufacturer is cheapest at the time. Consensus opinion (hate for nonEnglish shoes included) seems to be these are a good deal in the sub $200 range. There have been a lot on the web at discout and I have even seen some of them at DSW. The leather and refinment of the stitching does not seem to be quite at the standard of the previous C&J made polo models. You can probably do...
I think the solid whether olive or a brown solid would be mor versitile than a stripe.
Quote: Originally Posted by dopamine I'm not sure that I want to call them - I don't exactly want to be charged $15 just for a call. Perhaps they're just getting lost or sent to spam? The interesting thing is, the shoe fits perfectly on my left foot, but is slightly too narrow for my right foot - I guess my right foot must be slightly bigger. Get an international calling card. It should onlly be 20 or 30 cents a minute. The foot size...
Quote: Originally Posted by Grayland the hidden chest pocket for my wallet This is a great feature. It is inside the buttons, but outside the zipper. This gives you an extra level of security, but you do not have to expose your torso to the elements to get into the pocket.
I got a sage Beaufort just in time for the nasty weather we have had this last week. I was actually the lucky winner of a raffle at the Orvis store here in Chicago. I can't say for sure that I do not look like a old man or farmer, but I find it to be a good compliment to my tan knee length mac. I think I will like it even more when I get the right hood. It is a little rustic for the city, but not inappropriate for kicking around campus or the park, running errands or...
Too bad the 25/15% off offer has ended. I called the hotline to see if it had ended, and it had. In case someone doesn't already know, the woman I spoke with mentioned their next offer begins the day after Thanksgiving. That is if we can avoid a feeding frenzy in the meantime. Also, if these are the C&J cordovans does anyone know how they might fit in comparison to the RL Benton. I would like to avoid ordering multiple pairs to get the right size.
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