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Just finished a Manhattan, 4oz Makers 2 oz Carpano Antiqua 3 dashes Bitters splash Fabbri Cherry syrup 2 cherries on a pick I'm not sure what is next. BTW I had North Shore Distillery Aquavit at a tasting last night. Anyone in the Lake Michigan area should give this a try.
Maybe a white silk pocket square, like one of these from Kent Wang For the tie, maybe something like this: Navy suit, white FC shirt, and simple black shoes
Quote: Originally Posted by ltb haven't seen hopleaf mentioned yet. it's a bit out of the way compared to a lot of the other recommendations (much farther north, while the others tend to be in the heart of the city). good food, lots of beers. +1 Also, if you want a quick lunch or snack in the loop, try Frontera Fresca on the seventh floor of Marshall Field's (er Macys). It's unique semi-fast food option. The tortilla soup, goat cheese...
Last night a few friend were here, and we had a New Holland Brewing sampler pack. Included were The Poet Stout, Cabin Fever Brown Ale, Sundog Amber Ale, Icabod Pumpkin Beer, Mad Hatter IPA, and Full Circle Kolsh. All six were pretty solid offerings, but the Kolsh was an odd addition to a collection consisting of heavier/darker beers.
solid is probably better than strip for a wedding
I have a 12pc. set of Chicago Cuttelry that are 5 years old. Quality wise they are just a little behind Henckles and Wusthof, but I got a really good deal. Still I find that we only really use the Chef's Knife, bread knike (also great for tomatos), and the larger of the 2 paring knives (2.5 in. I believe. A couple times a year we also use the carving knife, but I would almost rather have a knife/server set for special occasions. I understand you would rather order...
I picked up a bottle of Laird's Applejack on sale for $13, so I would stop wasting Pierre Ferrand in cocktails. I think it will also be going in the flask this winter. Last winter was Yamazaki 12.
Have you checked out any of the links available from Kent Wang? I have a pair of Thomas Pink MOP with sterling trim that were a gift from my parents that are similar the the MOP with brass available from Kent, but with a much higher mark-up.
Quote: Originally Posted by why Awesome. Is Christmas Ale out yet?. Yes, had some last week. This week picked up anchor holiday. I wish I could count on finding them closer to xmas. Anyway we have been saving one bottle of each for a big style comparison tasting. Has anyone had any other good xmas/holiday ales?
This site was mentioned in a thread a while back.
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