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I have always had a problem with two things of the same color that are obviously different fabric/texture. Kind of like you dressed in the dark, only it looks like you are the first person to ever lose their sense of touch.
America is a melting pot where everyone has the freedom to make themselves look stupid. If you are an international member of the forum you are safe until they establish AmJacks without borders. Anyway, I like either the grey and the original blue. Maybe try both and keep whichever fits.
Gin and Tonic, North Shore Gin Fever Tree Tonic Orange Bitters A Squeeze of Lime I know they are not really in season, but I was watching a movie earlier (A Good Man In Africa or something) with Sean Connery, and everyone was drinking G&Ts. They looked good, so I made one. I am now out of tonic. Does anyone know where I can get Fever Tree or Stirrings in Chicago. None of my usual places carry it, and the Q Tonic is too sweet.
All great suggestions. If it is a fairly casual sportcoat, I sometimes layer it over a down vest. The one I have is from Lands End. http://www.landsend.com/pp/DownVest~...6&origin=index
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba thats a popular combo for dressing up as Michael Kohrs, but you can do much better with jeans and a sportcoat. FIFY In all seriousness, if the black blazer is the fixed part of the equation, the jeans you have are much better than black, and any more distressed and you would risk becoming an AmJack cliche. If you don't like the look, grey might work as an alternative.
The Irish have tartans too, but except for a couple families they are only indicative of the county you or your ancestors are from. There is also an Irish-American pattern for the the diaspora. Also, Mark Jacob's kilt is too long.
Quote: Originally Posted by Doc4 I like linen since linen is what you'd wear with a DJ, so that'd be a bit of a 'formality upgrade' from silk, to bring the suit closer to the DJ in formality. I know how you got from point a to point b, but I feel like linen has a workday feel, especially with a tv fold. This is an area where I would like to bend the rules. If not silk, maybe a fluff and stuff with white linen. Either way white is the best...
his name is casey rawlings...
Quote: Originally Posted by Biggskip Just picked up one this week. It's a little less formal than white linen in the TV Fold, but I like it a bit better. This might be true, but I think it is more appropriate for a social event after dark.
When subbing a black suit I think I would go with a regular tie as opposed to the bow. Still had this window open so here's an example. http://www.samhober.com/store/englis...14-p16942.html
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