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Just remembered, there is an Ethiopian place in Andersonville that is susposed to be really good. I haven't been because everytime I get up there I end up at Hopleaf.
Quote: Originally Posted by Agnacious Alhambra Palace The Spanish Flaminco Dancers and Belly Dancers are quite good. At the risk of offending...DO NOT GO HERE! The service is terrible, the food mediocre, and there are many better entertainment options around the city. That said here are a couple places I like. Italian: Riccardo Tratoria (Clark & Dickens) The chef is part of the...
I see you already have the osu and penn ties. I might just order a Penn tie in lieu of the DePaul design.
I would not mind a DePaul University tie. I am not sure what the market for these would be. It is the largest Catholic university in the country, but I do not think there is the same kind of passion you get with Notre Dame. The pantones are Blue 3005 and Red 185. The combo is similar to Penn, but the tones are a little more aggressive. I think equal 1 inch stripes would work best in this instance. Scarlet and grey would probably be another good one. This is the...
One of the members here runs a website that has canvassed suit separates. I will see if I can dig up the thread for you. Here it is.
sorry, did not pay very close attention
Someone may have posted this already (I did not read the entire thread), but I was in the Mich. Ave. BB today and it looked liked they had cordovan collection marked down 50%. Peals were only down 25%
Victory Storm King Russian Imperial Stout
RLX=performance stuff Lauren Ralph Lauren also has a silver label line with the same crap quality, but a slimmer fit. RRL makes great selvedge jeans, and is at its best when focused on its western and work wear inspired stuff. Unfortunately some of this stuff also finds its way into the polo line contributing to its slightly schizo personality.
Essentially it is a phrase whomever wrote the invitation made up. All snark aside, I would go with a off-white shawl collar dinner jacket paired with all the black tie basics. If you feel creative maybe go with a velvet slipper or a black suede slip-on, especially if it will be outside (this is unconventional, and according to some totally inappropriate, but igent handbook be damned let the shit storm begin).
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