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Alternately, the blazer/tie combo or ther pants/shirt could work work together. Either substitute a white or lt. blue solid or semi-solid shirt and grey flannels, or a bold pattern tweed and a richly colred or textured tie. In general you could do better than that shirt, but it is not a lost cause on its own...unless you can't manage to get some sleeve visible, in which case wear it under knits instead of jackets. Also, I assume you will launder/iron those chinos...
Quote: Originally Posted by tricota Okay, you really have to explain that to me, cos' it sounds briliant.... fry three strips of applewood smoked bacon dry with paper towels and allow to cool place in a sealed container with a pint of vodka (Svedka in this case) for three weeks place in freezer overnight filter through a coffee filter to remove fat solids mix in a bloody mary in place of regular vodka
Bloody Marys made with home made bacon infused vodka
Great list Huntsman. It reminded me I need to break away from Woodford and cheap 1.75s of Knob and Makers to experiment in bourbonland. Also, have you tried Redbreast 12 Irish Whiskey? It has been a while since I had Jameson 12, but if memory serves, and it may not, the Redbreast is higher quality and more interesting.
Stirrings is also available (and competively priced) from their website if you can't get it locally. There is also a packaged cane syrup I use as a simple syrup substitute. It is not Stirrings, and I can not recal the name at the moment.
Basic high value liquor selection (These are just suggestions experiment with different brands to see what you like. There are a lot of high value spirits in this price range): vodka-Chopin gin-Hendricks lt. rum-10 Cane drk. rum-Sea Wynde bourbon-Woodford tequila-patron, don julio... You may also want to keep 1.75 of cheaper stuff for drinks that use heavy mixers. For example: Svedka or Smirnoff for bloddy Mary's, Captain or Barcardi for run and Cokes, and maybe...
Yes. When Riccardo first opened we found it ironic that people were lined up outside Ovengrinder while the gem next door was never more than half full on a Friday night. It was so slow that the gf was worried that it would close due to lack of business. Turned out to not be a problem.
I was only in Italy for about two weeks, and and almost half of that time was spent from Rome south, so I may not be the best judge, but I think it is very authentic. I believe the recieved some type of recognition or award from an Italian expat supper club.
I have never had a single bad dish there. Some of my personal favorites have been: Stuffed and fried zuchinni flowers risotto milanese whatever pasta they happen to be offering with their wild boar ragu rack of venison ricotta chessecake (very rustic and unlike any other I have had) We have missed out on the daily alotment of florentine porterhouse twice now. Oh, and the tripe is good as stomach lining goes.
Yes, in fact just recommended it to kwilk in another thread. It is one my favorite places in the entire city, and it is very close to my apartment. The only downside is it can be difficult to get into. The staff is very accomodating, but you either have to be pretty flexible, or plan way ahead.
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