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Terre de Hermes It is very masculine and currently my favorite evening and cool weather scent since the Gucci (brown) was discontinued a few years ago.
New Belgium Ranger IPA
Quote: Originally Posted by Patrick Bateman And the kanji for it is very beautiful. Úč┐ I don't know if anyone else has found this domestically, but it was on the shelf at Binny's Lakeview on saturday when I was there.
Last night the girlfriend and I stayed in and had: Delice de Burgone, capacola & sopresetta with Sofia blanc de blancs Beef Tenderloin & Au Gratin Potatoes with 2004 Skylark Cab Blueberry Crisp & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with 2008 Goose Island Bourbon County Stout A very happy Valentine's Day indeed.
Koval Chicago Rye When I picked it up I thought it was their Rye Vodka but it looks like it is actually like unoaked whiskey.
If you go with a laptop sleeve (like this neoprene one from incase) you do not have to get a "laptop" bag that is constructed with a special padded compartment. Instead you can look for something big enough to fit the laptop...
As I am currently (financially) limited to RTW, and the cut pretty much every pleated option is an abomination, I stick to flat fronts. However, when I get to the point of ordering MTM or bespoke I think I will have two pairs of pants made for each suit (one ff/belt loops/no cuff, and one pleated/buttons for braces/cuffs). This not only provides stylistic flexibility, but extends the lifespan of each suit as athletic leg proportions cause pants to wear out much faster...
Quote: Originally Posted by radicaldog A certain kind of woman likes braces. I hope it's the sexy librarian kind!
it was a belt loop for me
So I just received the AS captoe oxford from Brooks Brothers (The one that was on clearance and listed incorrectly as a captoe blucher). For $200 it is a very nice shoe. The construction looks good. The size is very close, just a little wide/tall in the instep area. Unfortunately, the color is a little boring. I don't think it is bad enough to strip them down to bare leather and antique them, but I would like to improve the color as the patina develops. Right now...
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