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GQ or Esquire had a feature about modern leather jackets in the last issue. Hope that helps.
Quote: Originally Posted by mimile Yes, you need to break them in unless you wear some Adidas or Nike. It took almost 2 months for a Church's Grafton. Now it is perfect. I wear new shoes 2 to 3 hours a day in the beginning, rather on a dry surface, and preferably at home. I want to be sure my feet would not be tired if I spend 8 hours wearing them. +1 Several intervals at home, which gives me the option of a return/exchange. Then short...
Slag500, I am not sure if this advice is timely or not, but as I have just sorted out my (affordable) shirt fit issues in the past year here it is. The first thing you should do is make sure you know your correct measurements/size. I am not sure if it was on SF or somewhere else, but I read that is you tilt your head back when you are being measured/trying on a shirt your neck will expand providing you with a little freedom of movement and allowance for shinkage due...
[quote=Shley;1221178]I was thinking of the dark "sports coat," as-smart-as-they-come jeans ie not ripped, a nicely fitted shirt and clean pair of sneakers look. Sounds like you have the general idea. Personally I would go with a nice pair of leather laceups or boots instead of sneakers. Regardless of age sneakers do not seem smart. They would be better for a more casual look (ie beat up jeans/polo or tee/cotton or cord blazer)
This is not as low cal. as chicken breasts and vegetables, but is quick, easy any the everything you need is fairly nonperishable. dried pasta (whole wheat is a healthier alternative and is very filling) splash of olive oil splash of tomato juice (which can also be used for bloody marys) add dried basil/oregano/red pepper flakes to taste top with grated parm. cheese Stir, eat, enjoy. Not the best meal ever, but pretty good for about 10 monutes work and about $1...
Surprised there are no Chicago bars on this thread. Here is one on my favorites. http://www.hopleaf.com/ They specialize in Belgium and Belgium style beers, but also have a lot of other American craft beers along with a limited, but interesting food menu. A little bit out of the way in Andersonville, especially for loop/gold coast centric tourists. On one visit we actually witnessed a group of Amjacks order Bud Lights, only to be told by the bartender that they were...
A 10 Cane Mojito with Stirrings club Soda & fresh lime and mint. Nice end to a 90 degree day. Split a bottle of Ninet de Pena Grenache/Syrah Rose with the SO with dinner.
+1 on Dunhill not only for selection, but also service. I was in London in 2001 as a student and recieved fantastic service despite not being their typical customer. A store here in Chicago would have treated me like I was planning to steal something. American retailers would do well to provide service like their English counterparts.
I am not familiar with that label, but some Riojas can be cellared from a long time, so it could be very good. If it was poor quality to begin with it could be very bad. I would decant it (for oxygen and sediment), and also have a backup bottle in case it sucks.
I have never been to SF either, but here are two places I would check out if I did. http://www.absinthe.com/ and http://www.anchorbrewing.com/ The first place really takes cocktails seriously. Their bartenders have a book (i think called Art of the Bar) in which they discuss reviving classics and creating new drinks with classic proportions using fresh natural mixers. The second place is one of the breweries responsible for craft beer in America.
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